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blue iris remote access not working

by Abner Heller IV Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

IF you are able to access the bi server from a REMOTE location (an actual remote location not using your external ip on your own network) and you cannot access blue iris (using the SAME user name and password, because there is an option in the user profile to limit to LAN only) then make sure you are not testing you phone while its connected to your local wifi network. If you are connected to your own network it may not work due to nat loopback issues.

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Hey everybody today we're going to talk about remote access for blue iris so accessing your securityMoreHey everybody today we're going to talk about remote access for blue iris so accessing your security cameras remotely from a mobile device or a laptop. Outside of your.

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How to setup blue iris?


  1. Download and Install Blue Iris The first step is to purchase a copy of Blue Iris. Once purchased, you can download the full version. ...
  2. Install Deepstack Navigate to this URL: Click the Download CPU Link for Windows. ...
  3. Launch Blue Iris

How to setup blue iris NVR integration in home assistant?

How to Setup Blue Iris NVR Integration in Home Assistant ... tip Step 2: Add Blue Iris Repository from HACS. For this step, you'll need the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS) installed. Log into Home Assistant. Click the HACS sidebar icon > Integrations. Click Explore and Add Repositories in the bottom right corner.

Is blue iris software free?

Is Blue Iris software free? Blue Iris Pricing Overview Blue Iris pricing starts at $34.95 per feature, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version. Blue Iris offers a free trial. Is Blue Iris a subscription? Staff member The release notes were very clear that blue iris will not be subscription-based the only thing you lose is email ...

How to remove blue iris?

How to uninstall Blue Iris 4 from your PC with the help of Advanced Uninstaller PRO

  • go to Download Link
  • download the program by pressing the DOWNLOAD button
  • install Advanced Uninstaller PRO


How do I port forward Nat?

To forward ports on your router, log into your router and go to the port forwarding section. Next, enter the port numbers and your device's IP address. Choose a forwarding protocol and save your changes. Note: If you don't see a port forwarding option in your router's settings, you might have to upgrade.

What ports need to be open for blue iris?

By default, Blue Iris uses port 81 for everything. However, there are reasons to change this, and you may use other ports as well. Your PC has an address on your home/office network (LAN). This number is assigned by your router and usually has the format 192.168.

What IP cameras does blue iris support?

2. Blue Iris Supported Camera List & CompatibilityReolink.Amcrest.Hikvision.Dahua.

How do I log into Blue Iris?

If you want to access the Blue Iris Web Server from another PC on your LAN (local area home or business network), open a browser and type into the address bar the Blue Iris computer's name (e.g., http://officepc) or LAN IP address (typically http://192.168.x.x).

How many cameras can blue iris handle?

64 camerasBlue Iris allows you to view and record up to 64 cameras (IP cameras, web cameras, DVR/CCTV based cameras) simultaneously and is compatible with the vast majority of IP camera and DVR brands.

Is Blue Iris good?

The Blue Iris software is good, but do not buy from this person. V4 is the latest version and will cost you to upgrade to it from V3 (This used copy is V3). You might as well just buy directly from the developer's website.

Will blue iris run on Windows 11?

Absolutely zero need to run an untested platform for Blue Iris. That machine will be fine. People are running 50 cameras on a 4th gen at sub 40% CPU. Just follow every optimization in the wiki.

Can I view blue iris remotely?

0:0019:05Blue Iris Remote Access - Port Forwarding vs. VPN - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd it allows you to manage all your security cameras blue iris acts as a dvr. You can installMoreAnd it allows you to manage all your security cameras blue iris acts as a dvr. You can install multiple hard drives in the pc that it's running on.

Is Blue Iris a NVR?

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

What is the latest version of Blue Iris?

Version 5.5. 9.1 (June 29, 2022)

What cameras can you use with blue iris?

In the market right now, most CCTV camera types are all compatible with Blue Iris, including 360° fisheye security cameras, WiFi, PoE or USB IP cameras....You can check several popular Blue Iris supported camera brands:Reolink.Amcrest.Hikvision.Dahua.

Do Amcrest cameras work with blue iris?

Amcrest Smart Home devices such as the Amcrest Deterrent Camera can connect the Amcrest Smart Home app as well as to Blue Iris. This is possible by obtaining the IP address of your device from your network and adding it directly to the software.

How do I add Reolink camera to blue iris?

2:174:13Reolink and Blue Iris Updates: Fixed RTSP, ONVIF, FPS, and iFrame!YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAll you need to do is select it from the drop down. Box after that hit ok and set up your motionMoreAll you need to do is select it from the drop down. Box after that hit ok and set up your motion detection ai object detection and recording as you normally would with any other camera in blue iris.

What is Dahua starlight?

Dahua's Starlight technology uses optical, sensor and image processing technologies to provide clear images in dark environments. Any Dahua camera with an IR cut filter (ICR) is designed to switch to night mode when the camera senses that insufficient light is available to reproduce good color images.

How to access blue iris remotely in 5 steps?

The awesome thing about technology is that it can give you superpowers that you never imagined having . Like you can sit at your office and monitor your house.

How much does Blue Iris cost?

Answer: Blue iris can cost about 65 dollars. Don’t worry you will get the full version with that money. However, this will support up to 64 IP cameras. You’ll have to pay more if you want access to a higher number of cameras.

How to find IP address of CCTV camera?

To check the IP address of your IP camera simply visit the network page on the CCTV camera. This amazing network page contains all the info on your camera. Even the IP address. Anyway, once you find the IP address of the camera you need to type it on a web browser. You can use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or whichever one you prefer.

What is the default port number for IP cameras?

For this step, you need to change the port number. You see, for IP cameras the port number is set to 80 as a default option.

Does the Blue Iris have an app?

Answer: The blue iris also has a mobile app. This means you can have access to your camera from your phone as well. However, you’ll still need an internet connection for that.

Do cameras have a password?

This is unique for each camera. You see when you first purchase the camera they already have a default id and password set in for the camera.

Can you take out videos with a blue iris?

Manually accessing the blue iris and taking out videos one by one can be a hassle. It costs time and you have to pay for fuel to actually drive up to the camera. But you can save all these troubles by accessing the camera remotely.

Sporadic Movefile Error and Occasional going crazy

Hi, any ideas why I'm getting the following error in blue iris every so often?

Android App

Since the last update, I can no longer open individual cameras in the app. I see them all, but can't select one and open it.

i3 10100T 35W for 2 Hikvision IPC-B140H

Would like to run bare metal server with i3 10100T 35W which shuld have similiar performance as i5 7600. Will this be enough computing power for 2 Hikvision IPC-B140H (4MP,)? I am really interested for low power consumption. Is there any better solution in case of low power?

Timeline is blank for cameras, but shows data when I show "all cameras"

So I think this started after the last small BI update, when I look at all cameras, I see the different colors on the timeline for where there's triggers. But when I click into a camera, only 2 of my 6 cameras show data in the timeline. It wasn't this way before, all of them worked individually.

Help with Computer Configuration for 21 camera setup - with CPU resources too high?

I have 20 of the following cameras Amcrest ProHD Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera, 5-Megapixel, 98ft NightVision, 2.8mm Lens, IP67 Weatherproof, MicroSD Recording (256GB), White (IP5M-T1179EW-28MM). I will be adding 1 more.

Looking to get Cameras on Blue Iris

I just moved into my new house and want to get some cameras up around the property. I do not want to use the a cloud service. I have a Plex Server that is really overkill for what it does currently and plan on using that to run the Blue Iris software. I would probably end up with between 8 and 10 cameras when I am done planning them out.

Does Wyze v5 have a RTSP camera?

v5, added a wyze v3 RTSP camera, now bi starts, turns on service, shows all 18 cameras for 3 seconds, then crashes. Each crash report is the same. I have not made a backup for quite sometime so afraid to uninstall and reinstall.

Does Bitdefender use Windows Defender?

Bitdefender uses windows defender for firewall. you can check that blueiris.exe is allowed for inbound traffic. just search for windows defender by right clicking on start icon and then search, type windows defender, then click on it and open it. you cna also check the same permission in bitdefender firewall application access.

Does the motherboard support HD video?

The motherboard supports HD video, but I'm not sure how much not having an nvidia graphics card will limit me especially as I'm 'testing' this system.

Does Blueiris remove information?

Blueiris removes this information as they want you to buy support plan.

How many NICs does PFSense have?

For a minute I thought maybe it's because of the multiple NICs/interfaces, but pfsense installs typically have 2 and that's all I'm really working with here.

What is the LAN address for Blue Iris?

My network architecture: celeron based network appliance with multiple Intel gigabit NICs. 192.168.1.x is the primary LAN for all home hardwired ethernet ports. The Blue Iris PC and all cameras are on a separate NIC and POE switch, on 192.168.7.x. I have created firewall rules that allow any address on the LAN interface to access the Blue Iris PC IP address, allow everything on the 192.168.7.x interface to talk to each other, and allow the Blue Iris PC IP to reach the internet. But I do not have the camera IPs exposed to the internet.

What does a default deny rule apply to?

The default deny rule would apply if there is no other rule allowing the traffic. The auto created rule should show on the interface for the server (presumably not LAN). You can always create your own firewall rule also, though "auto" should work. Screenshots of the NAT and firewall rule might help.

How to update pfSense?

Only install packages for your version of pfSense, to avoid breaking it. If yours is not the latest, select your version as "Previous stable version (x.x.x DEPRECATED)" in System > Update > Update Settings.

Can you put your Blue Iris server on the Internet?

PSA: don't put your Blue Iris server directly on the Internet — all of these systems are Blue Iris!

Is it bad to put Blue Iris on the internet?

Correct, but it's still an awful idea to put a service like Blue Iris directly on the Internet.

Is a password irrelevant?

Passwords are irrelevant if there are exploits in the platform. That goes for BI as well as the underlying OS.

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