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by Dominic Powlowski Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

What is the admission process like at Pennington?

The admission process at our private school in Pennington, NJ, is designed to engage parents and prospective students at every step, offering an accurate portrayal of our School’s mission and how our students work to uphold it. Our independent school's admission team works to enroll a diverse group of students from NJ, NY, PA, and beyond.

Why choose our private school in Pennington?

With a long-standing reputation in the community, remarkable faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, our private school in Pennington, NJ, has everything students need to meaningfully pursue scholastic endeavors, explore their areas of interest, and grow as individuals. What Are the Benefits of a Coed Boarding School in New Jersey?

How do I access my RDS remotely?

Use the same log in and password details as if you were to log in at work. By clicking on the RDS image (on the left) you can access remotely all your work resources including your home folder, shared drives and SIMS information.


What division is Pennington School in?

Nineteen Pennington School students competed in the year-long American Computer Science League (ACSL) contest, which tests students from all over the world on computer science concepts. The team, which competes in the highly competitive Senior 3 division, tied for the silver medal with one other school and finished only two points behind the first-place team.

When did Pennington School graduation?

The Pennington School held a graduation ceremony on June 10 for 36 students completing studies in its Middle School. After an invocation from Head of Middle School Chrissie Knight, Head of School William S. Hawkey presented opening remarks.

Remote Education during COVID-19, Academic Year 2021-22

This current year, if your child needs to self isolate and is not physically un well, schools must provide them access to remote education as soon as practicable.

Remote Education Week Beginning 6th December 2021

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Faith at home

Please see information below and message from the Diocesan Director of Education regarding activities which supports to understanding of different values within the new initiative 'Faith at home.'

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