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northwell remote access

by Marta Kiehn Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago

Does Northwell have an app for employees?

The health system uses myNorthwell app to communicate with employees and create specialized communications for segmented groups.

How do I get to iLearn Northwell?

1. Click here to access iLearn. 2. Click on the link that states click here if you wish to set up an account.

What is ESS key Northwell?

3) ESS Key ESS stands for “Employee Self Service.” Your ESS Key is initially set to “ns” plus the last four digits of your social security number (SSN).

How do I reset my Northwell password?

You can reset your password by clicking on the I forgot my password link you see in the log-in window below. Your new password must be different from your previous seven passwords.

How do I get iLearn from home?

Navigate to the home page, Click on the login button and enter the details you have been provided with, Click on the iLearn dashboard and your course will be listed.

How many employees does Northwell health have?

79,000At Northwell Health, our 79,000-plus employees are led by esteemed senior leaders for a common goal—to raise the standard of health care for all.

What is ESS key?

This ESS-NE-15 Reserve Security Key is a quadrant security key for Encounter Surveillance System (ESS) reserve banks in the Secure Commerce Commission's North-East Encounter Surveillance Quadrant. This Reserve Security Key is configured to permit a maximum total of 15 releases of funds after activation.

Does Northwell have a pension?

NorthWell Health 403(B) Plan is a single-employer, deferred compensation corporate pension based in Westbury, New York. Formed in 1976, the plan provides pension benefits to employees of Northwell Health, an integrated health system in the United States.

Does Northwell match 401K?

Northwell Health 401K Plan 403(b)/401(k): if you are a staff-level employee, Northwell will automatically contribute 3%, with the opportunity to receive an additional 2% match based on employee contributions. 100% vested after 6 years of service.

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