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how to remote access laptop from iphone

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How to Access a PC From Your iPhone or Android Device

  • Set Up Remote Access From iPhone or iPad. Now, you can turn to your mobile device. ...
  • Add Remote Desktop on iOS. ...
  • Configure Session Features. ...
  • Connect to Remote PC on iOS. ...
  • Remote Connection Toolbar for iOS. ...
  • Manage Remote Connections. ...
  • Set Up Remote Access From an Android Device. ...
  • Add Remote Desktop on Android. ...
  • Set Up Remote Connection. ...
  • Configure Remote Desktop. ...

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To access the computer from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, download and install the Remote Desktop app(Opens in a new window) from Apple's App Store. Open the app, tap the + button in the top-right corner, and choose the option Add PC. At the Add PC window, enter the computer name or IP address in the PC Name field.Jul 26, 2021

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How to remotely control your iPhone from your computer?

Way 2: How to Control iPhone via PC with ISL Light

  • First, download ISL Light for your computer, and other ISL Light apps for your iPhone.
  • After the download is complete, install and open this software on your PC. ...
  • Next, connect your iPhone to the computer by sharing session code. ...

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How to remote control your iPhone from your PC?

Top 1: How to Control iPhone from Computer with AirServer

  1. Download and install AirServer. Download AirServer on your Mac, and install the program according to the instructions. ...
  2. Open Control Center. Pull up the Control Center from the bottom of your iPhone, tap on the AirPlay Mirroring option, and select the which Airplay receiver you want ...
  3. Mirror iPhone on Mac. ...
  4. Control iOS device on Mac. ...

How can I control my iPhone from my PC?

Way 5: How to Control iPhone from Desktop with ApowerMirror

  • Download this app on both your iPhone and PC. Make sure your PC has Bluetooth capability. If not, you may need to purchase an external adapter.
  • Pair the iPhone and PC via Bluetooth.
  • Once the Bluetooth pairing is successful, you can control your iPhone from the PC without jailbreaking.

How do I access my iPhone from my laptop?

Part 2: How to Access iPhone Files on Windows 10 by iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes on your PC
  2. From the menu panel look for the "Account" option then click on it.
  3. You would be shown the available actions from the drop down, look for "Authorizations" then select "Authorize this Computer".
  4. There would be a prompt that would pop-up asking you to enter your password. Click on "Authorize" to complete the process.

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Can I remotely access my laptop from my phone?

You can use a computer or mobile device to access files and applications on another computer over the Internet with Chrome Remote Desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop is available on the web on your computer. To use your mobile device for remote access, you need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

How can I remotely access someones laptop?

On your Windows, Android, or iOS device: Open the Remote Desktop app (available for free from Microsoft Store, Google Play, and the Mac App Store), and add the name of the PC that you want to connect to (from Step 1). Select the remote PC name that you added, and then wait for the connection to complete.

How do I access someone else's computer?

Access a computer remotelyOn your computer, open Chrome.In the address bar at the top, enter , and press Enter.Click Access to select which computer you want.Enter the PIN required to access another computer.Select the arrow to connect.

How can I remotely access my computer for free?

10 Best Free Remote Desktop Tools You Should KnowTeamViewer. Available in premium and free versions, TeamViewer is quite an impressive online collaboration tool used for virtual meetings and sharing presentations. ... Splashtop. ... Chrome Remote Desktop. ... Microsoft Remote Desktop. ... TightVNC. ... Mikogo. ... LogMeIn. ... pcAnywhere.More items...

Can someone access my computer remotely without me knowing?

There are two ways someone can access your computer without your consent. Either a family member or work college is physically logging in to your computer or phone when you are not around, or someone is accessing your computer remotely.

How can I remotely access another computer using IP address?

Once you've set up the target PC to allow access and have the IP address, you can move to the remote computer. On it, open the Start Menu, start typing “Remote Desktop” and select Remote Desktop Connection when it appears in the search results. Then in the box that appears type the IP address and click Connect.

Can you remote access a computer that is off?

In combination with remote access software, it is a breeze to set up and use, to connect to your remote computer from anywhere even if it is powered off, in hibernation (Windows) or sleep (Mac) mode.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone?

Take Screenshot by Tapping Back of iPhone

What is the zoom button on my remote desktop?

The “Zoom” button on the left just lets you get a closer look at what you’re doing. The “Keyboard” button on the right opens an on-screen keyboard. While in Remote Desktop, you can’t use the regular iOS or third-party keyboards. Instead, you’ll use a keyboard provided by Remote Desktop.

Can you play sounds on your PC while connecting?

You can configure sounds made by the PC to play on your iOS device, the PC itself, or to make no sound at all while you’re connecting remotely. If you’re a left-handed user and the PC to which you’re connecting has the mouse buttons swapped, the “Swap Mouse Buttons” switch forces Remote Desktop to respect that.

What is splashtop on iPhone?

Splashtop allows you to remotely control your computer from an iPhone. During remote connections, you can access any file saved to the remote computer. You can also use any software application that runs on your desktop computer (such as Word, Excel, Photoshop, video editing tools, and more).

Can you use a mouse on a splashtop?

You will have the experience of being right in front of your desktop computer from anywhere. You can even use a mouse while remote controlling your computer from an iPhone. Splashtop is fast, reliable, secure, and easy to deploy.

How to control your computer with your iPhone?

Now you can control your computer with your iPhone using touch commands. Tap the command buttons at the top right of your screen. There are icons and buttons for a virtual mouse, a virtual keyboard, full screen mode, and Help & Feedback. Access programs, files, and functions as if you are sitting in front of your computer.

How to disconnect from remote computer?

Disconnect from your remote computer by clicking the X icon on the lower left to close the connection.

How to access zoom on laptop?

Click the keyboard icon at the bottom right of your screen to access zoom, settings, and a virtual keyboard. Access files, programs, and operate your computer with touch commands as if you were sitting in front of it. Dis connect from your remote computer by clicking the X icon on the lower left to close the connection.

Do you need a password to control a computer?

Create a personal password for each computer you want to control. A security password is not required, but it helps prevent unwanted access to your computers. You’ll be required to enter the password each time you attempt to control your computer. Open TeamViewer on each computer you want to control.

Is Chrome Remote Desktop free?

Chrome Remote Desktop is completely free to use; however, it runs as an extension of the Chrome browser. Chrome Remote Desktop runs both on Windows and Mac computers. You must install the Chrome Remote Desktop on all computers you’d like to control with your iPhone.

How to connect to Wi-Fi on iPhone?

In your iPhone, open the Settings app, then tap Wi-Fi and tap to select the network you want to connect to.

How to stop iPhone from controlling Mac?

To stop controlling your iPhone from your Mac, navigate again to the Devices button and click Disconnect. The active connection between your phone and computer will be disabled, but Switch Control will still be enabled on your Mac. If you want to completely disable Switch Control, click the Apple logo again and select System Preferences > Accessibility > Switch Control.

How to sign into iCloud on iPhone?

In your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap "Sign in to your iPhone" or the name at the top of the menu. You'll either be able to sign in or view which iCloud account you're using.

How to open apps on Dell?

Launch the app on your Dell and iPhone. If you're already in the Microsoft Store or the App Store, you can click or tap Launch or Open. Otherwise, the app icon is on one of your Home screens (iPhone) or in your Start menu (Dell).

Can I connect my Dell laptop to my iPhone?

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Dell and iPhone. You may need to make sure both your computer and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as well as enter codes to ensure both devices are secure.

Can I use the same Apple ID on my iPhone and Mac?

Sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on your iPhone and Mac. Similar to the need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, your iPhone and Mac need to be signed into the same iCloud account to use Switch Control.

What is remote desktop application?

Remote desktop applications save you that trouble, allowing you to access important files and data on your computer from your iPhone or iPad. There's little setup involved, and it takes the pressure off if you happen to forget that important proposal on your computer before a lunch meeting or need to remotely access a client's computer to fix a bug in their system.

What is the difference between Google and Microsoft Remote Desktop?

There are a lot of other options out there for remote desktop applications. Microsoft offers Microsoft Remote Desktop while Google has Chrome Remote Desktop. Both allow you to securely access your computers from any of your iOS devices.

How to set up GoToAssist?

To begin setting it up, head over to, fill out the form for the 30-day trial, and select "Start My Free 30-day Trial." After that, get on your iPhone or iPad, head into the App Store, search for "GoToAssist," and begin downloading the "GoToAssist (Remote Support)" app. It should only take a couple of seconds to download, based on your connection speed.

Can GoToAssist share screen?

Once everything is set up, GoToAssist will ask for your client's permission for screen sharing, and if they agree, you now have access to their computer. You can begin fixing any problems your customer needs resolved.

Does GoToMyPC work on Mac?

GoToMyPC only supports Windows and Mac machines. Similar to GoToAssist, you can try it out free for 30 days by signing up on You can grab the mobile app by heading into the App Store, searching "GoToMyPC" and downloading "GoToMyPC (Remote Desktop)" by Citrix. Again, it works virtually the same as GoToAssist, just without the need for a client to download the software and give you permission for screen sharing.

What is the simplest way to remote control an iPhone?

USB Network Gate by Electronic Team, Inc. is probably the simplest way to remote control iPhone from Mac, Windows or Linux.

How to connect iPhone to computer over network?

Here’s what you should do in order to connect to your iPhone over the network: Step 1. Install USB Network Gate on a computer that you'll make into the USB Server. Connect your iPhone to this machine via a USB port. Step 2. Share the device on the Server in the software interface. Step 3.

How to control a device on iCloud?

Next, log in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on every device. Now, select a device to control: If your controlling device is an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, go to the Switch Control Menu and select “Device”. After that choose “Use Other Device” and select a device to control.

How to control a switch?

Now, select a device to control: 1 If your controlling device is an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, go to the Switch Control Menu and select “Device”. After that choose “Use Other Device” and select a device to control. 2 If you’re working on a Mac, choose “Devices” from the Switch Control Home Panel, and then select a device to control.

Can you control your iPhone by tapping?

That’s it! Now you can manage your iPhone or iPad not only by swi pes or taps but, for example, by head movements. Switch Control allows owners of Apple devices perform a number of actions, such as pressing a button, selecting a menu item, entering text, dragging an object, and so on, using a variety of alternative methods. Needless to say, in some situations and for a certain group of people, such a function of the iOS system will definitely be useful.



  1. Install TeamViewer on your iPhone. TeamViewer is free for personal use but offers a paid version for businesses. This app is often used by tech companies for hands-on support to make changes to your computer while you watch. It is compatible both on Windows and Mac.[1] X Research source Open the App Store app and search for TeamViewer using the Se…
  2. Register on TeamViewer. Open the TeamViewer app, which opens to a welcome screen, and …
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Developed by Citrix, GoToAssist is a great remote desktop application for IT professionals who need to access client or co-worker computers. If you're on the go or even at home, the software works wonderfully on the iPhone and iPad. It does cost a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis, but you can sign-up for a 30-…
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  • As a quick note, GoToMyPC works similarly to GoToAssist, however, it's for your own personal use, whether you need remote access to your work computer at the office or access to your personal computer at home. You can't use it to access a friend's or family's machine, as it's for your personal files exclusively. Unfortunately, it's not a free service, but the price per month is si…
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  • As far as free services go, TeamViewer is an excellent solution to your personal remote desktop needs. While there is a charge for businesses, it's free for personal use, no strings attached. TeamViewer is a lot quicker to set up than GoToAssist. Simply head over to, select "Download" in the navigation panel, and start downloading the software for your chosen o…
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