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by Letha Cruickshank Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Must be completed prior to first rotation. The Remote-Factor Authentication (RFA) is required for all students who need to have off-campus access to CERNER (EHR/EMR). Instructions to gain access are as follows: Submit the UAB SOM EHR/EMR Remote Access Request Form. Please remember to include your phone type/phone number (include area code) Answer UAB Employment Questions; Does not include COA Remote Access (email for remote access paperwork)

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What is the HSIs remote access guide for UAB medicine?

Hello and thank you for being a member of the UAB Medicine team. The Health Services Information Services (HSIS) Remote Access Guide serves as a point of reference for all remote access users. What is Remote Access?

How do I Find my UAB blazerid and password?

Legitimate UAB web pages promptingfor your BlazerID and password should have addresses that begin with https:// (not http:) and contain "".Also, your browser should visually indicate that you are accessing a secure page, usually a padlock icon.

How do I set up a pin for my uabmc account?

 Username: AD Username (UABMC E-Mail and/or Citrix Apps Username)  Password: AD Password (Password for UABMC E-Mail and/or Citrix Apps)  Passcode: Tokencode (Numbers displayed on RSA Token) 3. Enter a 4-8 digit PIN. Note: PIN cannot start with zero, be repetitive, or be a sequence of numbers (i.e. 0237, 0745, 1111, 2222, 1234, 9876).


Does UAB support Internet Explorer?

UAB IT no longer supports viewing this website on Internet Explorer and as such has not been tested on this browser. Please consider upgrading to a modern web browser such as the Chromium based Microsoft Edge .

Does UAB have cloud storage?

UAB has cloud storage options — including Box and OneDrive — that are appropriate for public and sensitive data. Learn more about what to store in the cloud and where .

What is VPN in UAB?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) VPN is used to connect remote users to UAB resources that are restricted for reasons of security and/or licensing constraints. VPN access is available for both campus employees and hospital employees.

What is Citrix for?

Citrix is primarily for the clinical users, HSF financial users, or researchers needing clinical data. HSIS Citrix provides remote gateway to many clinical (i.e. IMPACT), financial, collaborative applications. You will need a RSA token for the passcode.

Can you use Zoom Meeting if you have 300 people?

Zoom Webinar is available to those who have a confirmed, registered 300+ attendee event. If you do not have 300 registered attendees, you may use a Zoom meeting to accomplish most of the same features of a Zoom webinar, except the Q&A feature. You may use the Spotlight option and hide non-video participants.

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