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by Daisha Mueller Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Faculty, staff and graduate students please follow the GCS Remote Desktop instructions to connect to your on campus computer.

  • Step 1: Get the GCS Lab computer's name These steps allow GCS students with a valid ENCS account to remotely log in to a...
  • Step 2. Connecting to the Concordia Network Download the VPN FortiClient software. Once the software has been installed,...

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How do I connect my computer to the Concordia network?

Record the Full Computer Name of the computer you wish to connect to. For example if you wished to connect to the desktop with hostname totem in H33 the Full Computer Name would be: Need help? Email the Service Centre or see the support page. Step 2. Connecting to the Concordia Network

How do I connect to a GCS lab computer using remote desktop?

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop by navigating to Launchpad > Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click Add PC. In the PC name field, enter the full computer name of the GCS lab computer (from Step 1). Click Add. Double click your newly made connection. You will be prompted to enter your credentials.

How do I connect to Concordia using forticlient?

Download the VPN FortiClient software. Once the software has been installed, enter your Concordia netname and password to establish a connection. Please note: the Forticlient app may already be on your desktop. If you see the Forticlient icon on your work desktop, please continue to Step 3.

How do I contact Concordia customer support?

Include your phone number where we can reach you. If you don't get an answer in a timely manner, please email directly. Connect to Concordia's VPN.


How do I access Concordia VPN?

In order to be able to connect to your workstation, you must first connect your computer to the Concordia VPN.Download the VPN FortiClient software.Once installed, Forticlient will be available in the Start menu.Login with your netname credentials.

How do I connect to encs computer?

WindowsLaunch Remote Desktop Connection from your home computer's start menu.In the Computer field, enter localhost:3391.Click Connect.You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter your ENCS account name in the following format: ENCS\[your ENCS username]. ... Select OK.

How do I access my Concordia email?

To access your Concordia email address, login to Outlook with, and when redirected to the Concordia-specific login screen enter your netname and password to log in.

What is my encs username?

The email address has the format “” where “username” represents the user's actual ENCS username. Students are responsible for checking their ENCS email, either directly or by forwarding it to another address.

What does Concordia encs mean?

for Engineering and Computer ScienceFunding Opportunities for Engineering and Computer Science Below are the funding opportunities for Engineering and Computer Science faculty/students/researchers.

How do I reset my encs password?

How to Reset an account Password. The initial password provided with a new account can be reset online by visiting . In the event of a lost password, submit an IT Service Desk Support Request or email

How do I set up Concordia email on my iPhone?

3.3. Email Setup on iPhone and iPadGo to Settings and select Mail and then Accounts.Click on Add Account then select Microsoft Exchange.Enter your Concordia email. ... Select Sign In. ... Enter your email under Username and your Portal password for the Password field.More items...

How do I find my Concordia student ID number?

Your student or employee ID can be found on your ID card, your admissions e-mail, or any official documents you may have received from Concordia. Students can also find their ID number by accessing the Student Information System (SIS) and clicking on “Demographic Information” at the bottom of the page.

How do I get word in Concordia?

To access the Office 365 apps, visit the Microsoft O365 portal and enter your Concordia email address (ex: in the username field. You will then be automatically redirected to a Concordia page where you will be prompted for your Concordia password.

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