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qb3 kinetix remote access

by Cristian Hermann Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

What is the/home file system quota on QB3?

The /home file system quota on QB3 is 10 GB. Files can be stored on /home permanently, which makes it an ideal place for your source code and executables. The /home file system is meant for interactive use such as editing and active code development.

What is QB3 Bakar labs?

Entrepreneurs will be happy to learn that QB3 is launching Bakar Labs, a new 40,000 square foot incubator on the UC Berkeley campus. Part of the new Bakar BioEnginuity Hub, Bakar Labs will incubate up to 80 companies in a setting that provides essential facilities and resources and unparalleled access to expertise on campus.

How does remote access work at Kindred?

Remote Access Employee Remote Access Menu Kindred provides employees the ability to access a variety of company resources while working in a home office or while on-the-go. As a reminder, Kindred employees must follow our Acceptable Use Policy to ensure the safety and security of our data and information, even when working remotely.


What is the default shell for QB3?

QB3's default shell is bash. Other shells are available: sh, csh, tcsh, and ksh. Users may change their default shell by logging into their LONI Profile page at

How many cores does QB3 have?

QB3 is an 857 TeraFlop peak performance cluster with 9,696 CPU cores, comprised of 202 compute nodes connected by 100 Gbps Infiniband fabric which came on-line June 15 2020. The system is housed in the state's Information Systems Building (ISB), located in Baton Rouge.

Is rsh needed for rsync?

Note that --rsh=ssh is not necessary with newer versions of rsync, but older installs will default to using rsh (which is not generally enabled on modern OSes).

Is QB3 unlimited?

The / work file system quota on QB3 is unlimited. If it becomes over utilized we will enforce a purge policy, which means that we will begin deleting files starting with the oldest last accessed date, and largest files, and continue until the volume has been reduced below 80%. An email message will be sent out weekly to users who may have files subject to purge informing them of their /work utilization. If diskspace should become critically low, more drastic measures may be required to keep the system stable.

How to access Kindred Workspace?

To access Kindred Workspace from a mobile device, you must download the VMware Horizon Client app from your device’s app store. Once installed, you need to allow your device, when prompted, to open the Horizon client to begin your remote access session.

What is Kindred's use policy?

As a reminder, Kindred employees must follow our Acceptable Use Policy to ensure the safety and security of our data and information, even when working remotely.

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