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palo alto remote access vpn troubleshooting

by Dr. Mitchell Stracke II Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How to setup a remote access VPN?

Use a VPN Router with the built-in VPN server capability

  • Launch a browser window from your PC connected to the routers’ network
  • Enter the router IP address in the search to login into your router
  • Enter the username and password of your router and login into it.
  • Go to the Settings page and select VPN Service or setup page.
  • Enable the VPN service by selecting the checkbox and apply

How to install Palo Alto on VirtualBox?

How to Install Palo Alto VM Firewall in VMWare

  1. Download Palo Alto Virtual Firewall. First of all, you have to download your virtual Palo Alto Firewall from your support portal. ...
  2. Download and Install VMWare Workstation. After downloading the Virtual Firewall image, you must have to download and install VMWare Workstation.
  3. Configuring your Virtual Network Interfaces. ...

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How to configure GlobalProtect in Palo Alto?

  • On the firewall that is hosting your GlobalProtect gateway (s) (or on Panorama if you plan to share the HIP profiles among multiple gateways), select Objects GlobalProtect HIP Profiles , ...
  • Enter a Name and Description to identify the profile.
  • Click Add Match Criteria to open the HIP Object/Profiles Builder.

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Is Palo Alto a web application firewall?

Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls inspect all traffic (including applications, threats, and content), and tie that traffic to the user, regardless of location or device type. The user, application, and content—the elements that run your business—become integral components of your enterprise security policy.


How do I troubleshoot GlobalProtect VPN?

ResolutionClick on the Windows Icon found to the bottom left of your screen.Type Add or Remove Program and hit Enter.Scroll down and click on GlobalProtect.Click Modify.Select Repair GlobalProtect.Click Finish.

Which settings are used to connect the GlobalProtect client to the GlobalProtect gateway if the GlobalProtect portal is unavailable?

"... If the portal becomes unavailable, new users (who have never connected to the portal before) will not be able to connect to GlobalProtect. However, existing users can use the cached portal client configuration to connect to one of the gateways."

How do you check GlobalProtect is connected?

On the WebGUI:Go to Network > GlobalProtect > Gateways > Click on "Remote Users":Under User Information - GlobalProtect Gateway (Current User), a list of the users currently connected will be displayed:Previous Users can be viewed by selecting the Previous User tab:

How do I check GlobalProtect logs in Palo Alto firewall?

Click on the GlobalProtect client icon on the top of the home screen and click on the gear and select Settings.A new window will pop up. Go to the Troubleshooting tab and click the Collect Logs button.The collected logs will be saved. Click Open Folder to navigate to the file.

How do I fix GlobalProtect connection failed?

To resolve this issue, click on the 3 dashes in the top right hand corner of this window and choose Settings. Click on the General tab and then click Sign Out. Reboot your computer and then try to connect to the Global Protect VPN again.

Why is Global Connect not connecting?

Even though GlobalProtect installed successfully on your Windows computer, it may not recognize the portal address. If this happens, when you click Connect, nothing will happen. To fix this issue, you'll need to delete and re-add the portal info. From the system tray, click GlobalProtect to open it.

Why is my GlobalProtect not working?

Network failure – The most common cause of a failed connection is when GlobalProtect has no network connectivity. You can fix this by making sure that the firewall, VPN client, and GlobalProtect Gateway server are all on the same subnet and able to communicate with each other across the network.

What ports does GlobalProtect use?

Port requirementsDestination PortProtocol443TCP4501UDP

How do I connect to a VPN with GlobalProtect?

AndroidDownload GlobalProtect from the Play Store.Launch GlobalProtect.Type into the Portal field and tap Connect.Login using your university username and password and tap Log In.Select your Duo Authentication method (Push, Call Me, Passcode) and respond to the appropriate Duo prompt.More items...•

What is Pangpsupport?

This file belongs to product GlobalProtect and was developed by company Palo Alto Networks. This file has description GloalProtect techsupport collection. This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process pangpsupport.exe.

How does GlobalProtect app work?

GlobalProtect provides a unique mobile security solution by integrating traditionally distinct technologies, to manage the device, protect the device and control the data. GlobalProtect uses the next-generation security platform to enforce mobile app policies and to identify and prevent mobile threats.

How does GlobalProtect check user specific time period?

On the GUI, navigate to Monitor > Logs > System and filter using : (eventid eq globalprotectportal-auth-succ) and (receive_time geq '2014/04/22 14:00:00') and (receive_time leq '2014/04/22 14:12:00'). The data can then be exported to CSV format.

How do I add a gateway to GlobalProtect?

Launch the GlobalProtect app. Assign a preferred gateway. ) icon to open the settings menu....Assign a preferred gateway.Tap the Gateway drop-down.From the list of available gateways, tap the More Options ( ... Verify that the gateway is set as the preferred gateway.

Where does the GlobalProtect app receive its configuration such as what the gateway address is?

Portal Configuration The portal address is the address where outside GlobalProtect clients connect. In most cases, this is the outside interface's IP address. The gateway address is usually the same outside IP address.

What is my portal address for GlobalProtect?

With this configuration, you will be able to access the global protect portal page on which will translate to and install the GlobalProtect client software. Use the credentials in the username & password fields. In the portal field, use the IP as 10.30.

What is the maximum number of GlobalProtect Portals that each firewall can be configured for?

The maximum number of client IP pools configurable within GlobalProtect is 64.

Why is VPN remote access?

The remote access VPN does this by creating a tunnel between an organization’s network and a remote user that is “virtually private,” even though the user may be in a public location. This is because the traffic is encrypted, which makes it unintelligible to any eavesdropper.

What is remote access VPN?

What Is a Remote Access VPN? A remote access virtual private network (VPN) enables users who are working remotely to securely access and use applications and data that reside in the corporate data center and headquarters, encrypting all traffic the users send and receive. The remote access VPN does this by creating a tunnel between an ...

Does SASE require a VPN?

Using SASE, an organization does not have to maintain a separate stand-alone proxy or VPN. Rather, users connect to a SASE solution (which provides access to the cloud and data center) with consistent security. Some advantages of using a SASE are that it allows companies to:

Does topology require a license?

For such topology, does not require any special license.

Does the PA220 have a VPN?

In case this isn't clear.... the WAN interface of the PA220 would service both the remote access vpn and the ipsec site -to-site vpn.

Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Troubleshooting

If you are unable to connect to the VPN using the GlobalProtect client, you can try the following steps:

General troubleshooting

Make sure that you have set the Portal address to You can check this setting in the GlobalProtect settings on the General Tab. The portals you have entered are listed. If it does not match, you can select a portal, click Edit, update the address and Save.

Collecting Log Information

If the steps above do not help, please collect and package VPN settings and logs from Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS clients and contact the ITS Service Desk for further troubleshooting.

Known issues and resolutions

Error code: When signing in to connect using GlobalProtect on Windows, after entering your NetID and password, the Duo 2-step login page loads partly and reports that "The Duo service requires JavaScript."

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