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palm beach state college remote access

by Dr. Stephania Dicki Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

How many people can attend a Zoom meeting at Palm Beach State College?

Palm Beach State College has a subscription to Zoom Pro Meetings which allows for up to 300 participants. Palm Beach State College also has a limited number of webinar licenses available upon request by contacting Palm Beach State College Help desk. To learn more about Webinars versus Meetings, refer to this Zoom comparison guide .

When using Collaborate for office hours, if there are many students who have questions, the instructor can answer the?

When using Collaborate for office hours, if there are many students who have questions, the instructor can first answer the most general questions for the entire group. For individual, private questions the instructor can use breakout groups by assigning each student to a group of 1.

Can you record a class session on Blackboard?

Later the recordings can be made available to your students through a link provided in Blackboard.

How to find student ID on PantherWeb?

You can find this number by looking at the Student ID on the back of your PantherCard. You may also find your login ID (Student ID) if you log onto PantherWeb and select ‘Profile --> ‘Change Address’. Your Student ID will be displayed at the top of this page. You will also see your Student ID on the Address Confirmation window that appears when you log on the first time each term.

What is a security attempt?

Attempts to circumvent established security procedures or to obtain access privileges to which a user is not entitled.


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