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What is a smart padlock?

Featuring tech like custom PINs, fingerprint scanners, and remote locking and unlocking through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, smart padlocks are easy to use and are built for long-lasting durability, just like some of the best regular padlocks of today!

What are Bluetooth padlocks and how do they work?

Bluetooth Padlocks are a fairly new addition to the smart home ecosystem, but they are indispensable for controlling who has access to sensitive areas in your home or office.

What is the best smart padlock for 2021?

The best smart padlocks for 2021. 1 Master Lock 4400D Indoor Bluetooth Smart Padlock. This is a basic Bluetooth lock, but it comes from a reliable brand. Designed primarily for indoor ... 2 Igloohome Smart Padlock. 3 Master Lock Lock Box. 4 BoxLock Package Delivery Lock. 5 SL Elite Fingerprint Bike Lock. More items

What's the best smart lock for your home?

Take a look at our guide, check out the smart features, and see what's right for you. You can also peruse our list of the top smart locks, if you want something for the front door. The Mypin Smart Fingerprint Padlock is our favorite lock overall, and for a number of reasons.


Are smart padlocks worth it?

Yes, smart locks are connected to networks, and anyone with a smart lock should absolutely keep their apps updated, passwords secure and use a PIN for unlocking via voice assistants. However, smart locks do eliminate the risk of someone swiping the key from underneath your doormat.

What is the best biometric padlock?

MYPIN Smart Fingerprint Padlock. The best Bluetooth padlock. ... Boread Fingerprint Padlock. The best for luggage. ... Igloohome Smart Padlock. The best for PIN generation. ... eLinkSmart Digital Padlock. The best for multiple users. ... Master Lock Lock Box. ... BoxLock Package Delivery Lock. ... MyPin Fingerprint Lock. ... Megafeis Fingerprint Padlock.

Is there a lock that can't be cut off?

Abus Granit Plus 37RK/80 If you are serious about investing in a padlock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters, the ABUS Granit Plus is going to be your best bet. Called one of the world's most secure padlocks, the tensile resistance is upwards of six tonnes and it is crafted from hardened steel.

How do Bluetooth padlocks work?

0:020:53Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock Overview - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe locks will unlock with the press of a button when your phone is nearby or you can use theMoreThe locks will unlock with the press of a button when your phone is nearby or you can use the directional pad for an analogue option if you do not have your phone handy.

Are fingerprint padlocks secure?

Yes, fingerprint door locks are secure, especially compared to traditional locks that require a physical key. Keys can be misplaced, stolen, and copied. Fingerprints can't. As if that wasn't enough, most biometric smart locks come with added home security features, like built-in alarm systems and cameras.

Are fingerprint padlocks good?

While some smart padlocks are more secure than others, both in their mechanical design as well as fingerprint scanning quality, most are able to hold at least a few hands' worth of prints.

What is the most secure lock in the world?

ABUS Granit™: one of the world's most secure padlocks with a tensile resistance of over six tonnes. Granit locks have a tensile resistance of over six tonnes, making it almost impossible for attackers to release the shackle from the lock body by force.

Can a Kryptonite lock be cut?

Can Kryptonite Bike Locks Be Cut? Unfortunately there isn't a lock out there that can't be cut. That being said, the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini's 18mm hardened steel shackle is impossible to crop by hand with bolt cutters.

What can bolt cutters not cut through?

A heavy-duty, hardened steel chain with hexagonal links thwarts nearly every thief with a bolt cutter. Hexagonal links (or square or trapezoidal) make it impossible for bolt cutters to get a grip.

Are Bluetooth locks hackable?

Like most smart devices, people often forget that a smart lock is actually a small computer, and it can be hacked. It's possible for hackers to access your phone's data and break in, or they can access the lock itself if it's Bluetooth-enabled.

Are Bluetooth padlocks secure?

Representatives from Merculite Security tested 16 smart locks that relied on Bluetooth technology to operate. They found 75% of these locks had vulnerabilities that made them easy to hack.

Are Bluetooth padlocks safe?

The problem is, Bluetooth is one of the most insecure data connections available. Hackers are constantly exploiting Bluetooth connections to find backdoor entry points, which they use to steal your private photos, financial information, phone number, identity, or hack into your physical home by disabling your smart ...

Which is the best biometric?

Iris recognition is widely considered to be the most accurate modality of biometric identification. The technology works in four steps: image capture, compliance check and image enhancement, image compression, and biometric template creation for matching.

Which is the best fingerprint app lock for Android?

Best Free Fingerprint App Locks For AndroidApp Lock – With Fingerprint , Pattern & Password. ... AppLock. ... Fingerprint lock screen. ... App Lock: Fingerprint Password. ... FingerSecurity. ... App Lock – Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password. ... SpSoft Fingerprint AppLocker. ... Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault.

What type of lock is safest?

Deadbolt door locksDeadbolt door locks are the most secure type of key lock and are usually used on a home's exterior door. Available in single- and double-cylinder styles, deadbolts are rated according to their strength from Grade 1 to Grade 3. A Grade 1 is the highest grade and provides the most security.

How do fingerprint padlocks work?

Basically, fingerprint locks operate by scanning and converting your fingerprint data into a numerical template. Once you place your finger onto the scanner for the first time the conversion into numerical data takes place, and the fingerprint template is saved.

What is a smart padlock for a bike?

This SL Elite model is specifically designed for bikes (and other transport, etc.) with its 40 steel cable and waterproof capabilities. The fingerprint settings can hold up to 20 different fingerprints (which also makes it suitable for more commercial duties, like protecting a commercial trash bin). While the SL Elite Fingerprint Bike Lock can unlock around 3,000 times without needing to recharge, recharging is quite easy with a USB port protected behind a sealed compartment. There’s no Bluetooth connection here, which helps support the long battery life.

What is Master Lock?

Master Lock’s reputation for sturdy, impenetrable locks doesn’t falter when it comes to their Bluetooth padlock. The device is made with anti-shim and boron carbide and can withstand any weather elements, making it an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors.

How many fingerprints can a boread padlock hold?

This smart padlock can store up to 20 fingerprints, including two administrator fingerprints. It’s possible to unlock the Boread Fingerprint Padlock without needing an app, key, or Bluetooth connectivity.

How long does an IP65 padlock last?

The IP65 rating means it can stand up to water and dust. It should last the long haul with six months of standby power and has enough of a charge to get through 2,000 unlocks.

What size battery does the Master Lock 4400D have?

With a durable, 47mm wide metal body and a 7mm (diameter) shackle, you shouldn’t have to worry about breaches. The Master Lock 4400D comes with a CR2450 battery you can jump-start in the event that it dies while locked. You also use the mobile app to share access to your lock and monitor access.

What is a box lock?

The BoxLock is specifically designed for protecting porch boxes and containers designed to hold shipments. It allows you to share access codes with friends and family, but its real talent is tracking packages received by shippers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx. You can get notifications on your phone when a package is delivered, and rest assured that it’s safe from porch pirates and other thieves. The lock is weather-resistant and comes with a battery that you will need to recharge every 45 to 90 days, depending on how much you use the lock.

How many users can you store with eLink smart padlock?

You can remotely authorize as many users as you like using the companion app, as well as review activation history. You can store up to 18 users along with 2 administrators in the app.

What is a Bluetooth padlock?

Bluetooth Padlocks are a fairly new addition to the smart home ecosystem, but they are indispensable for controlling who has access to sensitive areas in your home or office.

Are Bluetooth Locks Secure?

But now that smart locks are available to consumers for use on their sheds, gates, and toolbox es, one must question if the added complexity of a "wir eless key" makes smart locks secure enough for primetime use.

What is egeetouch smart mini lock?

eGeeTouch Smart Mini lock is embedded with STATE-OF-ART DUAL intelligent proximity & remote authorization technologies that delivers HIGHEST PRODUCTIVITY and LOWER OPERATIONAL COSTS with MULTIPLE LEVELS of high-security ASSIGNMENT, REVOKING, TAG-OUT authorization, NOTIFICATIONS and TRACKING of users accesses functions unmatched by any traditional keyed/combination LOTO locks.

What is a lockout machine?

Machines or equipment under maintenance, repair or new machines before commissioning are restricted to authorizee personnel to lockout for SAFETY purpose.

What is a smart mini lockout?

Patented eGeeTouch® Smart Mini Lockout Tagout Lock is to revolutionize the conventional keyed LOTO locks and cumbersome ways of unlocking multiple keyed LOTO locks to manage multiple field sites operational activities. A SINGLE eGeeTouch SMART LOTO LOCK REPLACES MULTIPLE KEYED LOTO LOCKS. It is built with Bluetooth and MULTIPLE LAYERS of access codes for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR usage. It is SPECIFICALLY developed for LOCKOUT TAGOUT purposes to manage multiple TAGOUT authorizations from remote locations anytime, anywhere.

What is lock out and tag out?

LOCK-OUT and TAG-OUT persons are visible at the app or Software allowing visibility and transparency to all parties involving the object under management.

Can you reuse mini lock codes?

MULTIPLE preprogrammed access codes can be sent to users at remote location to gain access to the mini lock. These codes can be deleted or kept for reuse depending on Administrator settings.


Telecom service providers manage large infrastructures that often consist of tens of thousands of remote sites. Many of those companies are already maximizing their revenues by leveraging the advanced traceability features that the Acsys solution offers, allowing them to point out unauthorized access and other known vulnerabilities.


Acsys in-depth knowledge of the distributed remote sites model through its experience with passive wire-free access control, allows it to secure tens of thousands of diverse access point as well as providing smart real-time workforce control which enables energy companies to transform their business.


Acsys in-depth knowledge of the distributed remote sites model through its experience with passive wire-free access control, allows it to secure tens of thousands of diverse access point as well as providing smart real-time workforce control which enables energy companies to transform their business.


Cargo transport, transit systems and other transportation use our unique locking system to secure their valuables and track their workforce through Acsys CSG our patented real-time key control.


Acsys International is a global technology company specialized in security and access management of critical infrastructure through the emerging field of remote access management solution.

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