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by Deborah Kuhn Published 1 year ago Updated 1 year ago

How do I get help with UW Medicine applications?

For login problems and account requests click here to go to UW Medicine Accounts and Passwords. For help with applications other than MINDscape: Please contact the ITS Help Desk (email or call 206-543-7012) Historical records formerly accessed in ORCA, MINDscape, and Soarian are available in the LK archive tool embedded in Epic.

What devices can I use to access UW administrative systems?

You should be able to access many UW administrative systems from your laptop or home computer. If you need to access systems that require two-factor authentication (2FA), be sure to enroll the device you’ll use in the UW’s 2FA to verify it’s you when you sign in.

How do I use Remote Desktop Access to access administrative systems?

If you have a managed workstation computer available at work, you can use Remote Desktop Access with an approved, secure VPN to connect to your work computer, and then you can access UW administrative systems in the usual way. Please see below for more information on Remote Desktop, including options for those who do not have a managed workstation.


Edinburgh 5.0.1 released

Ir's time for a new version, as Dublin was an interims version. Version 5 has more code improvement and much better structure to extend by scripts. I worked hard on the deployment framework, so this releases is available for android, windows and linux (debian/ubuntu). The…

Update to Dublin

Hello, a lot of activities in the background. We are now on version 4.6.2 Dublin, which has major improvements in structure and functionality on adb deveices and enigma control. Too many to name in detail. The website is now on https, so older version…

Version 3.5.1 Canberra Released

Hi all, sorry for being so inactive on the announcements. Just uploaded version 3.5.1. It has some improvements on the ONKYO definition and some major improvements on the Enigma2 Template. It introduces scripts as a new way to extend ORCAs functionality. More infos later

Version 3.0.0 Canberra Released

For a long time I didn't pulish new versions, because I developed massive changes to ORCA. Now it's tme to release V3, the branch is called Canberra. The main changes: Importing definitions: It's now possible to import defintions into a definition, which helps to create…

Orca 1.1.2 released

Mainly, this fixes some issues with release update. In fact you need to to reinstall ORCA from older versions. Have fun!

Where is the deactivation form for UW Medicine?

Click on the “UW Medicine Account Deactivation Request Form” link located in the “UW Medicine Account Forms:” section.

Where is the change request form for UW Medicine?

Click on the “UW Medicine Account Change Request Form” link located in the “UW Medicine Account Forms:” section.

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