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nettalk voicemail remote access

by Doug Bednar Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

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How to access voicemail from any phone?

Here's How to Access Voicemail From Any Phone 1 Dial *99 or your home telephone number. 2 When your personal greeting starts, press #. 3 Enter your passcode when prompted.

How do I access my Comcast voicemail when away from home?

Access your Comcast voicemail over the phone or online whenever you’re away from home. There’s no extra setup required. Dial *99 or your home telephone number. When your personal greeting starts, press #. Enter your passcode when prompted. Dial your home phone number. When your personal greeting starts, press #. Enter your passcode when prompted.

How do I enable voice on Xfinity connect?

1 Click on the Menu button in the upper left corner of the Xfinity Connect app. 2 Select Voice from the list of options on the right. 3 Select the message you wish to hear. Playback will begin immediately.

How do I Check my Xfinity voicemail?

Sign in to My Account using your Xfinity ID and password. Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the page. Select Settings. Select Checking Voicemail from the list of options under Voice Preferences.



Voicemail is a centralized service used in businesses for sending, storing, and retrieving audio messages. When a user is busy or not available, the caller will listen to a prompt message that contains instructions to leave a voice message to the callee so that they can check it later when available again.

Voicemail Configuration

In order to start receiving voicemail, Users need to configure their voicemail settings and preferences and enable voicemail at the extension level.

Access Voicemail

Users have multiple ways to access their voicemail box, It could be either via Feature codes from their extension or another internal extension, From the user portal or from an external device.

Leave a Voicemail

If an extension has voicemail enabled under basic settings “ Extension/Trunk 🡪 Extensions 🡪 Basic Settings ” and after a ring timeout or user is not available, the caller will be automatically redirected to the voicemail in order to leave a message on which case they can press # in order to submit the message.

Voicemail to Email

The UCM630X can be configured to send the voicemail as an attachment to the Email. Under Call features 🡪 Voicemail Click on the “ Voicemail Email Settings ” button to configure the Email attributes and content.

Voicemail Group

The UCM6XXX supports the voicemail group and all the extensions added in the group will receive the voicemail to the group extension. The voicemail group can be configured under Web GUI 🡪 Call Features 🡪 Voicemail 🡪 Voicemail Group. Click on “Add” to configure the group.

How to submit port number to NetTalk?

Port Number to netTALK You can submit your port online: Go to Sign in using the email registered to your DUO as the Username and the same Password you created when activating your DUO. Find your DUO on the Devices page, and click Manage (beneath the DUO icon). Once in Manage, you will see a More Options button on the left hand panel. Click on More Options Then click on Phone Numbers. Once in Phone Numbers, you will see the option to submit you

How to add credits to NetTalk?

Please log in to your netTALK account Enter your correct Username and Password. On the Account Manager portal, Click on the ADD TALK CREDITS on the DEVICE that you would like to put more talk credits on. Add it on your CART and Checkout to pay for it and go. Some readers

How to activate voicemail on DUO?

From the CONNECT portal online: Go to your customer account management page a. Click on your DUO device and click "Manage" b. Click on "More Options" in the left hand menu c. Once in that Portal (old portal), click on Voicemail and activate (turn on) the voice mail feature. *From your DUO device, dial 98 which will give you the main Menu The Main Menu will give the following options a. Press 2 to change folders b. Press 3 for advanced options c. Press 0 fo Very popular

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