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by Ms. Nyasia Wuckert V Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

For most LSE staff, students and researchers, the standard remote access service should provide an off-campus route to all the files, email, standard applications and systems you need.

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How can I access my LSE it resources remotely?

Connect to your LSE IT resources. LSE's remote desktop service can be used to access applications, data (e.g. H: space, M: space, U: space) and restricted websites (like MyView) when working remotely. This might be a simpler way than connecting via VPN.

How do I connect to the LSE network?

You will first need to connect to the LSE network remotely using one of the methods below: 1 Remote Desktop Connection: You can access SITS remotely using one of the methods for both Mac and Windows systems... 2 VPN (Virtual Private Network) access: More ...

Where can I find it support at LSE?

LSE Research Laboratory IT Support 32L 3.04 London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE. United Kingdom Contact: Your first points of call for any computer and network problems are Hitesh Pateland Michael Rose.

Is there a remote access link for employees?

The remote access link is included for your convenience. This page is specifically designed for employees and if there is something you think should be available here that you can’t find, please let us know! The following items are available for authorized access only.


How do I access LSE Remote Desktop?

The vWorkspace app is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.Download and install the vWorkspace app: App Store for iOS. ... Open the app by clicking on the vWorkspace icon.Enter when prompted for a website.Enter your LSE username and password.You will see the applications available to you.

How do I use LSE VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) access: Once downloaded, unzip the file and save this to your machine. Make sure that you have the Pulse VPN connected and running before you open SITS. If prompted for a username, type in: LSE/yourusername and enter your LSE password. You should now be able to access SITS as normal.

How do I access my LSE email?

You can access your LSE email from anywhere in the world via your web browser:Type in your browser search bar.You will be directed to a Microsoft log on screen. ... Enter your LSE email password and click Sign In.You will be prompted to stay signed in on this machine.More items...

Where is pulse secure install on Mac?

Open Safari and browse to - Click on the MAC VPN Client and click Allow(this will download the file to your downloads folder) Page 2 Open your downloads folder and double click on the pulse secure dmg file to open the Pulse Secure package.

How do I access my office 365 email account?

Go to the Microsoft 365 sign-in page or to Enter the email address and password for your account. Select Sign in.

Can I keep LSE email?

Unfortunately, you are not able to keep your LSE email address. However, you can sign up for an LSE alumni email which will give you access to a fully functional account.

What is my LSE Network account?

Your public account username is a non-LSE email address. If you have not changed it, it is the email address that you used when you first applied to LSE. If the information on this page doesn't answer your question about Login you may send a written enquiry.

How do I change my LSE password?

If you forget your password, you can go to LSE For You and click on the Forgot username or password link on the login screen. This will take you to a page where you can start the process to reset your password.

What is LSE life?

LSE LIFE is a place where you can come to learn more about yourself, your studies and your goals. They offer a plethora of workshops and access to their online resources where you can learn more about the skills and personal interests you choose to explore.

How do I connect to LSE WIFI?

ConfigurationFrom the Home screen click Settings.Click Wi-Fi. ... From the list of available wireless networks, click eduroam.In the Username field enter your LSE email address e.g the Password field enter your LSE password and click Join.Click Accept to accept the LSE's Eduroam security certificate.More items...

How do I access a file on my computer from within the Remote Desktop?

Transferring documents between your computer and Remote Desktop can be done via SharePoint or OneDrive. If you save the documents to either of these places; you can then use the web interface to access them on the Remote Desktop:

Can you connect to a remote desktop with a VPN?

Once connected to the VPN, you can connect to the Remote Desktop to access the services, files, and resources you need.

How to get shortcuts on remote desktop?

Right-click anywhere on the remote desktop and select 'New', 'Shortcut'

What happens if you leave a remote desktop inactive?

There is a timeout on the remote desktop if left inactive - you will need to log on again if you are timed out.

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