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by Aric Schroeder Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

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What is the number for the Children's IT Service Desk?

Sign in using the link above, and select the link for Professional Staff. For log-in assistance anytime, contact the Children’s IT Service Desk at 952-992-5000.

What is EMR view for children?

Children’s EMR View enables you, as a physician/clinician, to remotely view the electronic medical record (EMR) of patients you have referred to Children’s. EMR View provides immediate, view-only access to the patient’s EMR, allowing you to monitor your patient’s condition and treatment while at Children’s. Using EMR View, you have real-time information available for consulting with your patient’s attending physician, if necessary. See resources for registering for access to EMR view or for changing your password.

What is the responsibility of remote users?

1. It is the responsibility of Remote Users to ensure that all possible measures have been taken to secure the remote machine. This includes hardware and software firewalls and anti-virus software as 2. well as have the most recent operating system and application patches applied. A Remote User's computer system must be at least as secure as its on-site counterpart. 3. Remote Users must comply with federal, state, and local law and all COA policies. 4. All Remote User activity during a remote session is subject to COApolicies and may be monitored and logged for compliance.

Who approves wireless systems for children?

New wireless systems used for Children's business must be approved by the Chief Information Officer Divisional Director, Information Technology and HIPAA Security.

Who is covered by COA policy?

This policy applies to all Remote Users of COA IT Resources includingstaff, physicians, residents, outside contractors, vendors, and other agents with a COA-owned or personally-owned computer used to connect to the COA network. This policy applies to remote access connections used to do work on behalf of COA, including but not limited to, connecting to COA resources, reading or sending e-mail and viewing intranet Web resources.

What is the UAB website?

UAB has created a website to organize all the ways employees and the community can help UAB fight COVID-19. The site includes ways to give, show appreciation, donate PPE and other ways to help.

What is UAB counseling?

UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center#N#UAB Employee Assistance & Counseling Center offers free, confidential support services for UAB employees and members of their immediate household. During this time they are offering telemedicine counseling services, mental health resources and self-care tips.#N#UAB Department of Pediatrics Faculty Wellness#N#The Faculty Wellness team seeks to provide opportunities and resources for individuals to advance whole-person wellness and to encourage and support a culture of thriving within the Department of Pediatrics. Resources now are focused on supporting faculty during the current pandemic.

Does UAB offer childcare?

UAB Medicine will be offering a childcare subsidy for any personnel required to be on-site to deliver patient care or critical business functions necessary to support our clinical mission. Click the link above for details.

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