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i need to remote access my phone from my computer

by Alfredo Farrell Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

The short answer is yes. You can definitely remote access an Android phone from a PC. There are multiple ways to remote access Android from a PC. You can either use third-party apps to remotely control your Android phone from your PC or you can use your Windows PC to do it.

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How to remotely access your computer from your phone?

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  1. Install the Software Download the setup from the official website of TeamViewer and initiate installation. ...
  2. Setting up TeamViewer Account After the installation concludes, a window appears showing you a personal ID and password assigned by TeamViewer to allow remote access control to any ...
  3. Install Application on Phone and Access your PC

How to control your computer from your phone?

How to remote access and control your Mac remotely from your iPhone

  • Using Mac Screen Sharing. With the built-in Mac Screen Sharing tool enacted in macOS, it's possible to access a Mac anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Using SharePlay with FaceTime. One of the newest ways to share your Mac screen is by using FaceTime's SharePlay feature. ...
  • Use iCloud Drive. ...
  • Limitations exist. ...

How to connect your phone to Your Windows 10 PC?

If you start from your PC:

  • In the search box on the taskbar, type your phone, and then select the Your Phone app from the results.
  • Select Android.
  • You’ll be asked to sign into your Microsoft account (You'll need to be signed into the same Microsoft account on both your Android device and PC in order to link ...

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Why Android phone not showing up on PC?

Solutions to Android Phone Not Showing up on PC

  • Use Another USB Cord or Port. A faulty USB cord may lead to Android not showing up on PC and you can eliminate this possibility. ...
  • Clean the USB Port. If the USB port of your phone or PC is blocked by dirt or debris, the connection between the phone and PC can be prevented and ...
  • Check the Connection Mode. ...
  • Update MTP Drivers. ...

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Can I remotely access my phone from my computer?

Remotely Access Android From a PC With AirDroid Cast To get started, you need to download AirDroid Cast for Windows or Mac, as well as the Android AirDroid Cast app on your phone. Now launch the apps on both devices. In your desktop app you'll see a QR code; tap the Scan icon, scan the code, then tap Start Casting.

Can I remotely access my phone?

When you (or your customer) run the SOS app on the Android device it will display a session code that you will enter on your screen to remotely view that device. Users with devices running Android 8 or higher will be prompted to turn on accessibility in Android to allow remote access.

How can I remotely access my Android phone from another computer?

Access a computer remotelyOn your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome Remote Desktop app. . ... Tap the computer you want to access from the list. If a computer is dimmed, it's offline or unavailable.You can control the computer in two different modes. To switch between modes, tap the icon in the toolbar.

How can I remotely access my Android phone from PC for free?

Best Apps to Control Android from a ComputerApowerMirror.Vysor for Chrome.VMLite VNC.MirrorGo.AirDROID.Samsung SideSync.TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Can a cell phone be hacked remotely?

Yes. Unfortunately, they can even hack a phone's camera. But you can also learn how to block hackers from your Android or iOS phone.

How can I remotely access my Android without permission?

DownloadOverview.Cast iOS and Android device screens to a computer.Control iOS and Android devices on a computer.Use a USB cable to cast screen.Turn your computer into an AirPlay Receiver.Cast to Browser NEW.

Is there Remote Desktop for Android?

You can use the Remote Desktop client for Android to work with Windows apps and desktops directly from your Android device or a Chromebook that supports the Google Play Store.

How can I control my mobile from other mobile?

Tip: If you're wanting to control your Android phone remotely from another mobile device, just install the TeamViewer for Remote Control app. As with the desktop app, you'll need to enter the device ID of your target phone, then click “Connect”.

How can I access another Android phone?

How to remotely control or access any Android phone or laptopOne can download the TeamViewer app to manage an Android device remotely.People can download the Any Desk app for a better experience in the remote desktop space.Users will be required to install two apps to achieve this.

Can I control an Android phone remotely?

You can remote control Android devices via the remote control feature of AirDroid Personal. Even the Android device is far away from you. You can use the remote control feature to: Focus on your computer screen, enhance work efficiency.

How many steps does it take to access another Android phone?

It is very user-friendly and only takes 3 steps to remote acces Android of others. Here's how to access Android phone from another Android phone or any other device without knowing:

What are the advantages of using a cell phone?

Advantage. Invisible, availability at any time anywhere by any devices, ease of use, versatility. You can access files when target phone is not nearby. It helps your workflow and collaborate with multiple devices when it comes to presenting. Better viewing experience while watching movies and playing game.

What is a monitor app?

Monitor app can be used to give you remote access to all the information you need on the target phone. Once installed, it can work in a stealthy mode and start to upload the data in real time. Then you can remotely access an online control panel on your PC or any other phone without touching target phone again.

How does screen mirroring work on Android?

The principle of screen mirroring is very simple. It uses USB cable or Wi-Fi connection to transfer the information to the connected screen.

Can you remotely access someone's phone?

There are certain situations when you may want to remotely access someone's phone without them knowing. These could be monitor the phone of your children or partners and you would not want them to get involved in inappropriate activities online. In any case, the most foolproof way to access someone's phone secretly is by using the monitor app.

Can you access an Android phone without knowing?

Completely invisible: The app icon will disappear from the home screen and rename. It works in incognito mode without any notification. So, you can remote access Android phone without knowing.

How can I remotely access my Android phone?

When you (or your customer) run the SOS app on the Android device it will display a session code that you will enter on your screen to remotely view that device. Users with devices running Android 8 or higher will be prompted to turn on accessibility in Android to allow remote access.

How can you track someones phone without them knowing?

If you want to secretly track a cell phone location, Minspy is the perfect way to do it. It is a phone tracking app that comes for Android and iOS devices. With Minspy, you can learn about the phone location of any person even if they are on a whole different corner of the world.

Can someone spy on phone without physical access?

Let me start by answering the very first question on the minds of many people – “Can I install a spy app software on a cell phone remotely without physical access?” The simple answer is yes, you can. … A few spy apps allow users to install them on both android phones and iPhone remotely, such as Telenitrox.

Can you remotely install spyware on a cell phone?

You need to open the installation link sent by the service provider in your target device. … The truth is, no spyware can be installed remotely; you need to set up the spyware app in your target phone by physically accessing the device.

Can you spy on an Android phone without access to it for free?

TruthSpy. This app lets you spy on a target phone without informing its user that you can see what they’re doing. TruthSpy’s users have the option o listen to phone calls, read text messages, record calls from the target phone, track their GPS location and access their photo gallery.

Can I access someone else’s phone?

How How To Get Access To Someone Else Phone , you can remotely monitor and view all SMS sent and received, calls, GPS and routes, Whatsapp Conversations, Instagram and other data on any Android phone.

How to remotely access Android devices?

The best way to gain remote access to the Android device and monitor the activities on it is by using KidsGuard Pro. This app comes with powerful monitoring features that allow a user to remotely monitor the target device without the owner getting to know it. With KidsGuard Pro you just need to access the target device once for monitoring it.

How to install AirDroid on Android?

Step 1: From Google Play Store, download AirDroid app on the target device. Step 2: Use your login credentials to sign in to the installed app and also turn off the notifications of the AirDroid app. Step 3: Once done, you can use the same login credentials on

How to get TeamViewer on my computer?

Step 1: Download TeamViewer and install it on your computer. Key in the unique code of the Android device. Step 2: Download TeamViewer QuickSupport app which is available on Google Play Store on the Android device. Enable all the permissions on the device as requested and enter the unique code you get on your computer.

What is AirDroid app?

AirDroid is a very common app that is generally used for file transfer and resource sharing between Android devices. However, this same app can be used to remotely access an Android phone as well. Use the steps below to know how to remotely access Android phone using AirDroid.

Can you access phone files?

Phone files access: You can gain instant access to all the phone files including call logs, messages, photos, contacts, app activities, keylogger, calendar, browser history, and video thumbnails. Remote controlling: You can record phone calls, capture instant screenshots, and take secret photos on the target device without the user getting notified.

Can you spy on an Android phone?

After this you can easily spy on the target Android device, provided the target user does not notice the AirDroid app installed with a different login credentials. When the target user sees the app on his/her phone, he/she will find that you are secretly monitoring. Moreover, you cannot view deleted data through this software. If you have a need for secret surveillance, it is recommended to use feature-rich KidsGuard Pro.

Can you access someone else's phone without them knowing?

There are times when you may need to access someone else’s Android phone without them getting to know. The target user can either be your child, your partner, or your employee. Basically, parents may need to remotely access the Android phone of their child to ensure their safety, you may wish to do the same with your partner to make sure that they are not cheating on you, and you may want to access your employees phones to check if they are being productive during the working hours. If you are concerned about any of these situations, this article will be very useful to you. Check out the below methods to know how to remote access Android device without the target owner getting to know.

How to access phone from PC?

To access the phone from a PC is not difficult. You can achieve this by using a USB cable, which is considered as simplest way. You can say that it is time-consuming but easy to handle. To share heavy files, this method is regarded as a savior. Just follow the simple steps and you are all set.

How to control your phone remotely?

Follow the guide below to use this app and control your phone remotely. 1) Download and install the AirDroid app on your mobile phone. 2) Download and install the Airdroid desktop client app on your computer.

How to share files between phone and computer?

Follow the simple guide below to achieve your goal. 1) Download Dr. Fone Phone Manager toolkit on your computer. 2) Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable and allow debugging USB. 3) The interface of Dr. Fone will appear, select “Phone Manager.”.

How to transfer files from phone to PC?

1) Connect your phone to your PC through a USB cable. 2) Open your phone and unlock it. 3) Notification of “Charging this device via USB” will appear on your phone. 4) Tap this notification and select the "Transfer Files” option. 5) Go to your desktop and click on "File Explorer" in the taskbar.

What is the best app to access my phone from my computer?

c) Vysor. Vysor is a free app that gives you the feature to easily access phone from PC. It is actually a screen mirroring app. You just need a USB cable to connect devices and make sure that devices are on the same network, and you are all set to enjoy the remote access of your phone from a PC.

Can you play mobile games on a PC?

Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.

Can you use MirrorGo to mirror your phone?

No extra effort and no need to be tech-savvy. How good is that! Apart from controlling the phone, you can also use MirrorGo to mirror your device’s screen, for example, say if you want to record a game on a PC screen, MirrorGo is there for you.

How to install Chrome Remote Desktop?

First, you’ll need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app in your browser. It’s available from the Chrome Web Store, and the installation takes all of a few seconds. Once installed, you’ll launch the app from Chrome’s app menu—it should be the first link in the bookmarks bar. From there, just look for the Chrome Remote Desktop link.

How to access my computer on TeamViewer?

To access your PC, install TeamViewer’s mobile app on your Android or iOS device, then fire it up. Tap the “Computers” button at the bottom, then sign in to the account you just created. After that, tap on “My Computers,” which will show a list of all the computers currently attached to your TeamViewer account.

Is Chrome Remote Desktop good?

Ah, good ol’ Chrome Remote Desktop. This has been my personal go-to for remote access ever since it was first released some years ago. It’s quick and easy to use, completely painless to set up, and works on pretty much any device across the board, from Windows, Mac, and Linux to Android and iOS.

Can you remotely access Chrome from a computer?

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that Chrome Remote Desktop has to be set up before you need it—you can’t do it remotely!

Do you have to be a Chrome user to use Google?

Of course, it does have its caveats, like the fact that you have to be a Chrome user. While there are a lot of Chrome users out there, I get that there are also quite a few users who just aren’t into Google’s browser, and that’s okay—we’ll talk about a good option for you guys down below. But if you use Chrome, this is probably your easiest option.

Is TeamViewer more powerful than Chrome Remote Desktop?

While I admittedly use Chrome Remote Desktop for all of my remote needs (which are generally rare), I concede that TeamViewer is clearly the more powerful option here. The file transfer option is brilliantly executed and easy to use. Just make sure that, if you want to take advantage of TeamViewer’s power, you take the necessary steps to secure it.

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