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how to remote access a computer with team viewer

by Ms. Shakira Prosacco Sr. Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How to remotely access any PC using TeamViewer

With TeamViewer, you can:

  • Remotely control and transfer files on another PC;
  • Set up unattended access or require that someone be on the other end;
  • Access another computer over a LAN, WAN, or the internet; and.
  • Connect to PCs running Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

5-Step Guide to Working Remotely with TeamViewer
  1. Step 1: Set up TeamViewer on your computers. On your work computer: ...
  2. Step 2: Control your remote device. ...
  3. Step 3: Enable Black Screen. ...
  4. Step 4: Use File Transfer. ...
  5. Step 5: Print Remotely.

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How to access TeamViewer remotely?

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center.
  • Select Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > TeamViewer Connector.
  • Select Connect, and accept the license agreement.
  • Select Log in to TeamViewer to authorize.
  • A web page opens to the TeamViewer site. Enter your TeamViewer license credentials, and then Sign In.

How to connect team viewer?

To connect via confirmation, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your TeamViewer
  2. Go to the Computers & Contacts tab and add the remote computer to your list.
  3. Select the remote computer and press Remote Control - prompt for confirmation
  4. The remote user will be prompted to allow the connection and needs to press Allow.
  5. Done! You are now connected to the remote device.

How do you install team viewer?

How to download TeamViewer

  • General. TeamViewer is a software that needs to be downloaded on your device to start or receive a remote control connection.
  • Getting started. To start the download, click on the Download TeamViewer button for your module of choice. ...
  • For Windows Users. The download of a .exe file starts automatically after clicking the download button. ...
  • For Mac Users. ...

How to install team viewer?

Part 2 Part 2 of 4: Installing TeamViewer (Mac) Download Article

  1. Open a web browser. The process for installing TeamViewer is the same for a computer that you'll be accessing remotely or a computer that you're using to access another ...
  2. Visit the TeamViewer website.
  3. Click Download TeamViewer. ...
  4. Click the TeamViewer.dmg file in your Downloads list. ...
  5. Double-click Install TeamViewer.
  6. Click Continue and then Continue.

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How I can remotely access another computer?

Share your computer with someone elseOn your computer, open Chrome.In the address bar at the top, enter , and press Enter.Under “Get Support, “ click Download .Follow the onscreen directions to download and install Chrome Remote Desktop.Under “Get Support,” select Generate Code.More items...

How do I enable remote access to TeamViewer?

In order to be able to connect to the computer without any problem, you must set up Easy Access on the remote computers. Click on Grant Easy Access. Enter your TeamViewer account credentials and click Assign. Done! Your computer Easy Access is now successfully activated on your remote computer.

Can someone access your computer with TeamViewer?

In general, it is only possible to access your computer if you share your TeamViewer ID and the associated password with another person. Without knowing the ID and password, it is not possible for others to access your computer.

How long will TeamViewer stay connected?

You can use the free version as long as you like to for non-commercial use, meaning forever. To access your computer while you're away, you can simply set up easy access.

Is TeamViewer free for private use?

TeamViewer is free for personal use, which means any tasks within your personal life for which you are not being paid. Connections between personal devices at home or helping friends and family remotely qualify as personal use. To learn more, see this article from the TeamViewer Community.

Can TeamViewer be used to spy on employees?

Team Viewer can only be used when the computers are on and the responsible person/owner is using the computer or allowing a friend or tech to access the computer. As Kosh said, Team Viewer has no "stealth" feature and you will know if Team Viewer is being activated on your computer.

How do you give someone access to your computer?

On the device you want to connect to, select Start and then click the Settings icon on the left. Select the System group followed by the Remote Desktop item. Use the slider to enable Remote Desktop. It is also recommended to keep the PC awake and discoverable to facilitate connections.

Why I Cannot connect to TeamViewer?

I recommend restarting the TeamViewer service on your computer. If this does not solve the issue, you will need to restart the TeamViewer service on the remote computer as well. If I can not remote in to the other computer with team viewer how do I restart their team viewer? Restarting mine did not work.

What does it mean when you call someone and it says please enter your remote access code?

What is a remote access code? It is a code or a password that a user enters to gain access to a private network or server. It is a form of authentication that either permits or blocks an access attempt from entering a corporate system.

How do I know if TeamViewer is on?

To check, click on the up arrow in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Look for the teamviewer icon depicted in the picture below in the blue circle. Click on the small icon and you should see the teamviewer window appear.

How to connect to TeamViewer?

On the host computer, ask the person on the other end to download and run the TeamViewerQS.exe file for the TeamViewer Quick Support (.exe file) module. The program displays an ID and a password, which the other person must give you in order to connect. At the Control Remote Computer screen on your computer, enter the ID. Click the Connect button. Enter the password and click Log On ( Figure C ).

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a handy program to remotely control any computer running Windows, MacOS, or Linux. Follow this step-by-step guide on using TeamViewer. Image: iStockphoto/UberImages. You need to remotely access another computer to view files, run programs, or troubleshoot a problem.

How to connect to more than one computer?

You can also connect to more than one computer. At the Remote Desktop window, click the Plus tab. Enter the ID and then the password of the second computer you wish to access. You can then switch between the two remote sessions. Disconnect the remote session.

What is the view tab?

The View tab gives you the ability to change the size and quality of the window and adjust the screen resolution ( Figure E ).

Is TeamViewer free?

TeamViewer is free for personal use, though if you plan to use it on the job , you'll want to review the paid sub scription options, all of which offer a free 15-day trial. You can run TeamViewer from a variety of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android. The Windows version is accessible as both a standard desktop application and a Windows Universal app. If you ever need to connect from a computer that doesn't have the program, you can use the web-based TeamViewer Management Console or even run TeamViewer Portable (zip file) from a USB stick. To use the program, you will need to set up a free account with TeamViewer, which you can do at the Management Console page.

Can you remotely control a computer with TeamViewer?

With TeamViewer, you can: Remotely control and transfer files on another PC; Set up unattended access or require that someone be on the other end; Access another computer over a LAN, WAN, or the internet; and. Connect to PCs running Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Can you install TeamViewer on a host computer?

On the host computer or computers that you want to access, you can install the full version of TeamViewer. More easily, though, you or the user can run the TeamViewer Quick Support (.exe file) module, which doesn't require an installation. Let's say you want to use the standard Windows desktop version of TeamViewer to connect to a computer ...

What is TeamViewer remote access?

Flexible and scalable, the TeamViewer remote access and support platform is the foundation of our suite of software solutions, with countless use cases and prebuilt integrations with popular IT and business applications.

How to set up TeamViewer?

On your work computer: Install TeamViewer on your work computer, create an account, and set up Easy Access directly from the Remote Control tab. For extra security we recommend activating two-factor-authentication through your profile settings. On your home computer:

What is TeamViewer's goal?

Our goal is to enable limitless connectivity for individuals and companies of all sizes, from all industries.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer — the Solution for Remote Control and Access

Can you use TeamViewer on a smartphone?

TeamViewer’s AR functionality can easily be used via a smartphone camera.

Can you see what is happening on a remote computer?

You can see at first glance what is happening on the remote computer.

Can TeamViewer read data?

All TeamViewer remote connections are end-to-end encrypted, so that no one can read your data — not even us.

How to access TeamViewer on Windows?

Just like with the first computer you installed TeamViewer on, the Remote Control category should be highlighted. Under Unattended access, select Start TeamViewer with Windows and Grant easy access. When the Assign to account form appears, just type in your e-mail address and password associated with your TeamViewer account.

What are the categories in TeamViewer?

In the left-hand column, you will see a menu with several categories: Remote Control, Remote Management, Meeting, Computer & Contacts, Chat, and Augmented Reality.

Can you remotely access two computers?

Do you have two personal computers and would like to remotely access one from the other? Looking for an effortless way to do it? You can do just that for free with the personal version of TeamViewer.

Can you use TeamViewer on two computers?

When prompted for the type of installation, I recommend using the default setup. When you get prompted for how you want to use TeamViewer, select Personal / Non-commercial use since you are just using it to connect two of your personal computers.

Is TeamViewer free?

I have worked with TeamViewer over the years, as some of our customers use it regularly. For personal use, the free version works quite well. Sure, it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of the paid version, like remote printing or tech support, but for remote access and file sharing, it works well.

How to use TeamViewer on a remote computer?

The software will take your local input and send it to your remote computer, which will then send its display back to your current device in real-time. (Note: For security reasons, some keys and key combinations won’t go directly to your remote host, like Ctrl-Alt-Del for Windows. TeamViewer enables you to send these special keys and combinations through its software Actions menu.)

How to download TeamViewer?

Download TeamViewer from the company’s website or from PCWorld’s Downloads to another computer that you want to connect to or from. Once the download is complete, launch the app’s installer.

What is TeamViewer compatible with?

In this guide, we’ll focus on TeamViewer, a popular program that offers compatibility with Windows, Mac, and even some smartphone operating systems. Here’s how to use it.

What is the remote computer called?

With the software is installed at both ends, connecting to the remote computer (typically called the host) from the computer/device where you are currently located (typically called the guest) should be easy.

Does TeamViewer work on Windows?

TeamViewer will typically work without any additional firewall configuration between devices on any computer network (and even between different ones), as long as both are connected to the Internet. And because it’s compatible with many different devices, you can do neat things like control your Mac from Windows, your Windows PC from a Mac, or even your computer from your iOS/Android phone!

Is TeamViewer backwards compatible?

Also please note that if you have a paid license, TeamViewer is always backward compatible; licensed versions can always connect to older versions. If you are interested in a TeamViewer license, please feel free to contact our sales team. They will give you the best option in your case.

Can you update TeamViewer for free?

If you would like to continue using TeamViewer for free, there is no way to update the software remotely at this stage.

Is TeamViewer still available on Windows XP?

Finally, please note that we are no longer actively servicing Windows XP. You can continue using the last supported version of TeamViewer on those operating systems, but we are no longer providing updates or fixes which are specific to them. See this announcement for more details. Therefore I would highly recommend testing with a licensed version before purchasing it in your environment.

How to stop someone from accessing my computer?

This includes removing any Ethernet cables and turning off your Wi-Fi connections.

How to install antivirus on another computer?

If you don't have an antivirus, download an installer on another computer and transfer it to your computer via USB. Install the antivirus and then run a scan with it.

What to do if your computer is compromised?

Change all of your passwords . If your computer was compromised, then there’s a possibility that all of your passwords have been recorded with a keylogger. If you’re sure the infection is gone, change the passwords for all of your various accounts. You should avoid using the same password for multiple services.

How to find out what is running on my computer?

Open your Task Manager or Activity Monitor. These utilities can help you determine what is currently running on your computer.

Can a computer be remotely accessed?

The chances of your specific computer being remotely accessed, while not impossible, are very low. You can take steps to help prevent intrusions.

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