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how to configure horizon connection server for remote access

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  1. In Horizon Console, select Users and Groups.
  2. Click the Remote Access tab.
  3. Click Add and select one or more search criteria, and click Find to find users or groups based on your search criteria. ...
  4. To provide remote access for a user or group or a user with unauthenticated access, select a user or group and click OK.

  1. In Horizon Console, select Settings > Servers.
  2. On the Connection Servers tab, select the Connection Server instance and click Edit.
  3. Type the PCoIP Secure Gateway external URL in the PCoIP External URL text box. ...
  4. Verify that all addresses in this dialog allow client systems to reach this host.
May 1, 2020

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How do I configure the Horizon Connection server?

Once the Agents have been installed, access the Horizon Connection Server Admin page by entering the correct credentials and click Sign in. To connect physical machines only it is not necessary to specify a vCenter Server in the Horizon configuration. Go to the Desktops section under Inventory and click Add to configure a new Desktop Pool.

How do I configure remote access?

Configure the Remote Access server settings. Configure the infrastructure servers that are used in the organization. Configure the application servers to require authentication and encryption. View the Remote Access configuration summary, and modify the GPOs if desired.

How to implement horizon as solution to connect physical machines?

To implement Horizon as solution to connect physical machines, you need the following components: A Windows Server joined to an Active Directory domain with Horizon Connection Server installed. A remote connection solution (VPN or Unified Access Gateway). The Horizon Agent installed in the physical machines to connect.

How do I configure the event database in Horizon console?

In Horizon Console, on the left, expand Settings and click Event Configuration. On the right, under Event Database, click Edit. Enter the name of the SQL server. Select Microsoft SQL Server as the Database type. Note: Horizon 2103 (8.2) and newer have an option for PostgreSQL. Enter the name of the database.


How do I setup a horizon Connection server?

Horizon Administrator and Horizon Connection Server.Log In to Horizon Administrator.Install the Product License Key.Add vCenter Server Instances to Horizon 7.Configure View Composer Settings.Configure View Composer Domains.Add an Instant-Clone Domain Administrator.More items...•

What is the horizon Connection server?

Horizon Connection Server acts as a broker for client connections by authenticating and then directing incoming user requests to the appropriate remote desktops and applications. Horizon Connection Server has specific hardware, operating system, installation, and supporting software requirements.

How do I configure horizon view?

1:366:35Learning VMware Horizon 7 : Installing and Configuring - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFind VMware View connection server - 86 underscore 64 and double-click to launch. You will now seeMoreFind VMware View connection server - 86 underscore 64 and double-click to launch. You will now see the Open File security warning box click run to accept and to start the installation.

How do I generate CSR for Horizon Connection server?

Generate a CSR Code on VMWare Horizon ViewOn your Windows desktop click Start, and in the search box type mmc.Click the mmc.exe icon.Go to File > Add/Remove Snap-in, and then click on Certificates > Add > OK.Now, select Computer account and click Next.Make sure the Local Computer is selected then hit Finish and OK.More items...•

How do I setup a connection server?

ProcedureTo start the Connection Server installation program, double-click the installer file.Accept the VMware license terms.Accept or change the destination folder.Select the View Standard Server installation option.Select the Internet Protocol (IP) version, IPv4 or IPv6.More items...•

How do I find my connection server?

Follow these instructions to find your computer's Host Name and MAC address.Open the command prompt. Click on the Windows Start menu and search “cmd” or “Command Prompt” in the taskbar. ... Type in ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your network configuration.Find your machine's Host Name and MAC Address.

How do I set up Horizon client?

Install on WindowsDownload the Windows Installer from VMware.Double click the installer executable.Follow the prompts to install the Horizon Client.Once the install has completed, Open the Start Menu and click on VMware Horizon Client.The first time the Horizon Client opens, you will be asked for a Connection server.More items...

How do I use VM horizon client?

Either open a terminal window and enter vmware-view or search the applications for VMware Horizon Client, and double-click the icon. Connect to a server. Double-click the + Add Server button, or click New Server on the menu bar, enter the name of a server as instructed by your system administrator, and click Connect.

What is the maximum number of clients that a horizon Connection server can handle?

Although a single security server or Unified Access Gateway appliance can support a maximum of 2,000 simultaneous connections, instead of using just one security server per Connection Server instance (with 2,000 sessions), you might choose to use 2 or 4.

How do I update my horizon Connection server certificate?

For Connection Server, delete the certificate Friendly name, vdm, from the old certificate that was issued to the VMware Horizon server....ProcedureRight-click the new certificate and click Properties.On the General tab, in the Friendly name field, type vdm.Click Apply and click OK.

How do I update my horizon Connection server?

Upgrade Horizon Composer before upgrading the Connection Servers. It's an in-place upgrade. Just run the Connection Server installer and click Next a couple times. If upgrading from version 7.7 or older to version 7.8 or newer, then be aware of authentication changes.

How do I download Horizon Connection server?

In the Source Server page, enter the name of another Horizon Connection Server in the pod. Then click Next. In the Firewall Configuration page, click Next. In the Ready to Install the Program page, click Install.

What is VMware horizon used for?

VMware Horizon is a modern platform for running and delivering virtual desktops and apps across the hybrid cloud. For administrators, this means desktop and app management can be simplified, automated and made more secure. For users, it provides a consistent experience across devices and locations.

What is Horizon enrollment server?

Enrollment Server – The Enrollment Server was introduced in Horizon 7. role is used to facilitate the new True SSO feature in conjunction with Workspace ONE Access and a local certificate authority.

How does Connection server work?

Connection Server provides the following management capabilities:Authenticating users.Entitling users to specific desktops and pools.Assigning applications packaged with VMware ThinApp to specific desktops and pools.Managing remote desktop and application sessions.More items...•

What is VDI Connection server?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that refers to the use of virtual machines to provide and manage virtual desktops. VDI hosts desktop environments on a centralized server and deploys them to end-users on request.

What is VMware Horizon Reference Architecture?

This chapter is one of a series that make up the VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon Reference Architecture, a framework that provides guidance on the architecture, design considerations, and deployment of Workspace ONE and Horizon solutions. This chapter provides information about common configuration and deployment tasks for VMware Horizon. It is not intended to replace the product documentation but to reference and supplement it with additional guidance.

How to connect a Horizon pod to a Universal Broker?

To connect a Horizon pod to use the Universal Broker, you need to leverage the Horizon Cloud Connector and Horizon Subscription SaaS licensing. The Horizon Cloud Connector is a virtual machine that enables the Horizon Control Plane services to integrate with your Horizon pods.

How many RDS sessions per host?

Max sessions per RDS host: 30 or greater, depending on server hardware and VM specifications

What is a CPA in a Horizon?

If multiple Horizon pods are being used, Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) can be configured. This is especially useful when configuring multiple sites, where each site should have its own separate pod. Where Universal Broker is being used, either that or Cloud Pod Architecture should be configured. More detail on Cloud Pod Architecture can be found in Horizon Architecture.

What is Horizon Universal Broker?

The Horizon Universal Broker is a cloud-based brokering technology that allows you to broker desktops and applications to end users across all cloud-connected Horizon pods, regardless of the infrastructure that they run on. Users are presented with a single set of entitlements that can span multiple Horizon deployment types.

What is a home site?

You can also associate a user or a group of users with a specific site, called a home site. Home sites are the default site selected for each user or group of users that Universal Broker will try to service resource requests from. For more details, see Configuring Home Sites for Universal Broker .

What is a broker in remote desktop?

A broker is a component of a remote desktop solution that handles authentication, determines what assignments a user has, and presents them to the user. After the user selects a resource, the broker allocates and directs the user to that resource.

Can you manage a Horizon pod?

After you have set up and configured all the necessary prerequisites, you can select which Horizon pods you want to be managed by Universal Broker. Setting a pod to be Managed enables you to leverage more capabilities of the Horizon Control Plane Services, including Universal Broker and Multi-Cloud Assignments.

Does Horizon connect to Azure pod manager?

Both the Horizon Connection Server and the Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure pod manager VM have brokering functionality built into each service respectively. Users can directly connect with either and get access to desktop or application resources. See Horizon Architecture Components for more details.

Can you use Horizon Connector Appliance in vSphere?

First, you need to have the pods configured to use the Horizon Service. For Horizon deployments in an SDDC-based infrastructure or a private data center (running vSphere), you need to set up and configure a Horizon Connector Appliance. Each pod using Universal Broker must be “managed”. Currently, Universal Broker has been tested and certified to run in a private data center (vSphere), Azure VMware Solution, and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Can you use Horizon 8 as a pod?

Set up a separate Horizon pod that is cloud-connected and managed by Universal Broker. You can leverage the Quick-Start Tutorial for VMware Horizon 8 to help you set up and configure a new Horizon Pod for testing purposes. The Horizon Universal License allows you to implement as many Horizon pods as you want.

How to access remote access server?

On the Remote Access server, open the Remote Access Management console: On the Start screen, type, type Remote Access Management Console, and then press ENTER. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Yes.

How to deploy DirectAccess for remote management only?

In the DirectAccess Client Setup Wizard, on the Deployment Scenario page , click Deploy DirectAccess for remote management only, and then click Next.

How to add roles and features to DirectAccess?

On the DirectAccess server, in the Server Manager console, in the Dashboard, click Add roles and features.

How to install Remote Access on DirectAccess?

On the DirectAccess server, in the Server Manager console, in the Dashboard, click Add roles and features. Click Next three times to get to the server role selection screen. On the Select Server Roles dialog, select Remote Access, and then click Next.

How to configure deployment type?

On the Remote Access server, open the Remote Access Management console: On the Start screen, type, type Remote Access Management Console, and then press ENTER. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Yes.

How to add domain suffix in remote access?

On the DNS Suffix Search List page, the Remote Access server automatically detects domain suffixes in the deployment. Use the Add and Remove buttons to create the list of domain suffixes that you want to use. To add a new domain suffix, in New Suffix, enter the suffix, and then click Add. Click Next.

What is a remote access URL?

A public URL for the Remote Access server to which client computers can connect (the ConnectTo address)

How to connect to a machine on Horizon?

From the Horizon Dashboard, click the assigned machine to connect.

What authentication protocols does Horizon use?

Relying on encrypted connections, Horizon supports different authentication protocols such as Active Directory, Radius, certificates and so on, offering secure connections.

What is VMware Horizon 7?

Horizon 7 is one such tool, which relies on encrypted connections and different authentication protocols, assuring safe and controlled access to physical computers at the office. In the situation where employees need to access their work computers remotely, VMware Horizon can be configured to allow the access to physical machines located at office.

How to install Horizon Agent on VMware?

From VMware website download the Horizon Agent and run the installer on each physical machine.

How to assign users to a pool?

To assign users to the created Desktop Pool (who can actually use the selected pool), click Entitlements and select Add Entitlements.

Which Windows 10 client uses RDP?

Although Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 10 clients use RDP protocol to connect, starting from Horizon 7.7, Windows 10 Enterprise clients (builds 1803-1809 and 1903-1909) can take benefit also of the Blast Extreme protocol that provides better performance. Check out the compatibility matrix to ensure if the Blast Extreme protocol is supported in your clients with the Horizon version used.

Is VMware Horizon safe?

To avoid tricky and unsecure solutions to access corporate computers from home, VMware Horizon provides safe and controlled accesses to physical computers located at office with a limited load of the IT staff in terms of deployment and management.

How to change Horizon license?

Login using a Horizon administrator account. On the left, expand Settings and click Product Licensing and Usage. In the right pane, on the top left, click Edit License. In the Edit License window, enter your Horizon 8 (Horizon 2006) license serial number, and click OK.

What is the export utility for Horizon View Events?

Chris Halstead – VMware Horizon View Events Database Export Utility: this utility allows administrators to easily apply very detailed filtering to the data and export it to .csv. You can filter on time range, event severity, event source, session type (Application or Desktop), Usernames and Event Types. The application allows for extremely granular export of data. The exported columns can also be customized and the application will export data from both the live and the historical tables in the View Events Database.

What is the secure tunnel URL?

By default the Secure Tunnel URL is the FQDN of the Connection Server. If you don’t use one of these URLs then you’ll see a Login Failed message.

What is needed for Horizon Events?

A new empty SQL database is needed for storage of Horizon Events.

How to enable all configuration permissions in Virtual Machine?

On the left, click Virtual Machine. On the right, click Change Configuration to enable all Configuration permissions. Scroll down on the right to see more Virtual machine permissions. While still in Virtual Machine, scroll down and click Edit Inventory to enable all Inventory permissions.

What is Horizon instant clone?

Horizon Instant Clones create computer objects in Active Directory. Horizon is configured with an Active Directory service account that must be granted permission to create computer objects. See Create a User Account for Instant-Clone Operations at VMware Docs.

What tab shows domains that the Connection Servers see?

On the right, the Connection Server tab shows the domains that the Connection Servers see.

What is a good way to connect to remote server devices?

When considering how to connect to remote server devices for administration and access, a good approach is to use a remote server manager, because these tools usually have features to simplify this entire process. A lot of them provide remote server monitoring and remote server administration tools, to the point where you can automate many of your tasks.

How to share a remote server?

When you try to connect to your remote server using Remote Desktop, you can select which resources will be shared or connected with it by selecting “Local devices and resources,” selecting which ones you want to share, and then typing the IP address of the remote server in the remote computer IP address entry box of the Remote Desktop wizard.

Why is it important to access devices remotely?

Accessing devices remotely becomes increasingly important for businesses with multiple offices or remote employees. Remote servers are designed to support users who are not on the local area network (LAN) but need access to it. However, when you’re looking at how to connect to remote servers or desktop interfaces, ...

What is remote server administration tool?

Another Windows toolset you can check out is called Remote Server Administration Tools, which can be downloaded and helps you manage remote Windows servers from one client.

What do you need to know when connecting to a server?

Make sure you have the name or IP address of the server or device to which you plan to connect.

Why is it important to keep track of server performance?

In addition, you can keep track of server performance at all times, which can help you catch problems as soon as they arise or even spot a developing problem before it occurs. This process can even help you find root causes of slow application performance, resource over-utilization, and response times.

Can remote administration connect to sleeping devices?

Some remote administration tools can connect to sleeping or powered-off devices, but not all. Ensure if the remote administration tool requires both client and server applications, both are installed and enabled on each device. Make sure you have the name or IP address of the server or device to which you plan to connect.

Which server must know the address by which browsers will connect to the load balancer when users use HTML Access?

Connection Server instances that are directly behind a load balancer or load-balanced gateway must know the address by which browsers will connect to the load balancer when users use HTML Access.

Can you specify multiple portalhost properties?

You must also specify multiple portalHost properties if a single gateway machine is known by more than one name.

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