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hmc remote access

by Lukas Brakus Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How do I access my HMC remotely?

To access the HMC remotely, open the supported browser and enter the URL of https://. Note that you must specify secure http (https). If your HMC host name is not in the DNS, you should specify the IP address assigned to the HMC for remote access.

How do I log into HMC in AIX?

Click Log on and launch the Hardware Management Console web application. Log in to the HMC with the following default user ID and password: ID: hscroot. Password: abc123.

What is HMC in AIX?

The HMC provides a graphical interface to control servers, including powering up and down, and setting up and managing partitions running on the managed servers. On AIX® or Linux partitions, this is accomplished through the HMC graphical user interface (GUI) and through the virtual terminal.

How do I access AIX server console?

Connecting to the virtual console for an AIX logical partitionClick Start > IBM Personal Communications > Start or Configure Session.From the Customize Communication window, select ASCII as your type of host and select Link Parameters.More items...•

How do I open HMC console?

In the contents area, select the logical partition that you want to activate and for which you want to open a 5250 console session. Click Operations > tasks > Activate. Select Open a terminal window or console session. Click OK.

Where can I find HMC details from LPAR?

There are two ways to find the right HMC for the right LPAR. One way is to log on to the individual LPAR itself and list the HMCs that it connects to. This is quite straightforward, provided that the LPAR is up and running and has an active connection to the HMC.

How do I know what model HMC I have?

To check the firmware level on the HMC, choose one of the following options:To check the firmware level by using the HMC GUI: Go to HMC Management. ... To check the firmware level by using the HMC command line, enter the following command on the HMC command line: lshmc –V.

What is Vtmenu?

vtmenu is a Perl script which displays a list of partitions, opening a virtual terminal on the one selected. If more than one managed systems exists, a list of them is displayed first. After a managed system is selected, a list of all logical partitions on that managed system is displayed.

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