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by Mrs. Jewel Swaniawski MD Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Configure a Firebox VPN for a Remote Access Point

  • Configure a Firebox VPN with IKEv2. ...
  • Configure TCP Maximum Segment Size (MSS) Settings on the Firebox. ...
  • Create an IPSec VPN Tunnel Profile in Wi-Fi Cloud. ...
  • Add the IPSec VPN Tunnel to a Wi-Fi Cloud SSID Profile. ...
  • Deploy the SSID to the Remote AP in Wi-Fi Cloud. ...

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How do I manage the firebox from a remote location?

This policy allows you to connect to and administer the Firebox from any computer on the trusted or optional networks. To manage the Firebox from a remote location (any location external to the device), you must modify the WatchGuard policy to allow administrative connections from the IP address of your remote location.

Does the WatchGuard firebox support remote access points (rap)?

Remote Access Point functionality is only supported on the AP225W, AP327X, and AP420. You can use the WatchGuard Firebox as an IPSec VPN endpoint for the remote AP. A remote AP requires a virtual IP address to create the VPN tunnel.

How do I configure a firebox mobile VPN with IKEv2?

To configure a Firebox Mobile VPN with IKEv2, from Fireware Web UI: 1 Log in to the Firebox. 2 Select VPN > Mobile VPN. 3 In the IKEv2 section, click Configure. Select Manually Configure if this is the first time you are setting up IKEv2. 4 Select the Activate Mobile VPN with IKEv2 check box. 5 Select the Networking tab.

What is the Knox remote power box?

With the Knox Remote Power Box, first responders can remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely remove power from a building or equipment — minimizing potential injuries. Think outside the box. Rapid Access Solutions provide more than just rapid entry.


How do I access my WatchGuard firewall remotely?

Double-click the WatchGuard Web UI policy to edit it. Select the Policy tab. In the From section, click Add. To add the IP address of the external computer that connects to the Firebox, from the Member type drop-down list, select Host IP, and click OK.

How do I access the firebox web interface?

The URL to connect to the Web UI in your browser is:https://:8080. is the IP address assigned to the trusted or optional interface on your device. When you make this connection, the browser loads the login page. The default URL for a WatchGuard Firebox is:

How do I find my Firebox IP address?

We recommend that you get a public IP address for your Firebox external IP address....On the Windows 8 Start page, type command .In the Apps search results list, click Command Prompt. ... At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all and press Enter.More items...

How do I enable SSH on WatchGuard?

To add an SSH host to the Access Portal, from Fireware Web UI:Click Add and select Host Shell Access (SSH). ... In the Name text box, type a name for the SSH connection.In the Description text box, type a description of the SSH connection.To select a custom icon for the application, select Custom Icon > Choose File.More items...

How do I setup my firebox?

Prepare to Install Your FireboxVerify the basic components for your Firebox.Activate your Firebox.Record network address information.Select a network configuration mode.Select a location to install your servers.Select a Firebox setup wizard.

How do I access WatchGuard command line?

At the login prompt, type the user name admin. Press Enter. At the password prompt, type the password you set for the device in WatchGuard Cloud. Press Enter.

What is a firebox Internet?

Your Firebox is a powerful network security device that controls all traffic between the external network and the trusted network. If computers with mixed trust connect to your network, you can also configure an optional network interface that is separate from the trusted network.

How do I change my admin password on WatchGuard?

To change your user account password:Go to and log in to the WatchGuard Portal with your user account credentials.In Support Center, select My WatchGuard > Manage Profile. ... In the About You section, click Change Password. ... In the Your Current Password text box, type your current password.More items...

How do you reset WatchGuard?

Press and hold the Reset button on the front left of the device, and briefly press the Power button on the front of the device to power it on. Continue to hold the Reset button until the Attn indicator begins to flash. Release the Reset button. Wait until the Attn indicator stays lit and does not flash.

What is WatchGuard access portal?

The Access Portal is a clientless VPN solution that provides secure remote access to common web applications that use HTML, HTML5, and JavaScript technologies. With the Access Portal, you do not need to install a software or hardware client.

How do I port forward WatchGuard?

0:163:10How to Setup Port Forwarding on a WatchGuard Firebox - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipLet me go ahead and add a member by default this is going to use your external IP address to anMoreLet me go ahead and add a member by default this is going to use your external IP address to an internal IP. Address. So if you had other eligible options you could select them here.

What is WatchGuard AuthPoint?

AuthPoint is WatchGuard's multi-factor authentication (MFA) service. With AuthPoint, you can require users to authenticate with the AuthPoint mobile app or a hardware token when they log in to a protected resource, such as a computer, VPN, or a cloud service or application.

How do I log into my WatchGuard router?

Type 10.0. 1.1 (the most common IP for WatchGuard routers) in the address bar of your web browser to access the router's web-based user interface. You should see 2 text fields where you can enter a username and a password. The default username for your WatchGuard router is admin.

What is Fireware Web UI?

In Fireware v12. 5.4 or higher, the Firebox requires the web browser to support TLS 1.2 or higher. Fireware Web UI is a real-time management tool. This means that when you use the Web UI to make changes to a Firebox, the changes you make generally take effect immediately.

How do I access WatchGuard cloud?

To enable WatchGuard Cloud, from Policy Manager:Open the device configuration in Policy Manager.Select Setup > WatchGuard Cloud.Select the Enable WatchGuard Cloud check box.

How do I configure AuthPoint?

Connect to AuthPoint Management UI After you log in, select Configure > AuthPoint. Service Providers have a different view of WatchGuard Cloud. If you have a Service Provider account, you must select an account from Account Manager to configure AuthPoint for that account.

What is Knox remote power box?

With the Knox Remote Power Box, first responders can remotely operate a shunt trip breaker to safely remove power from a building or equipment — minimizing potential injuries.

What is Knox Rapid Access Solutions?

With Knox Rapid Access Solutions, there's no more forced entries or waiting for property owners to unlock doors in the middle of the night.

What is Knox Master Key?

The Knox Master Key enables immediate entry to secured perimeters, gates, buildings, and commercial properties. Knox Rapid Access Solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

What is Knox Keysecure?

The Knox KeySecure secures the master key and only releases it to an authorized user with a PIN code. Accountability for master key access provided by unit's retrievable audit trail.

How to troubleshoot a firebox?

To troubleshoot, Open WSM and use the Firebox System Manager to watch the active connection logs and filter using the word "Denied"

Why is my Firebox connection green?

The the connection shows green in the Firebox System Manager, then it is getting past the watchguard, and is likely being blocked by the windows firewall on your server instead. I have had instances where an update or something reset the windows firewall to block incoming RDP

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