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How do I remotely access a Synology file server?

Remote Access to a Synology File Server Summary While mapped drive access or network shares is available for workstations and laptop when connected to the local LAN, setting up the CloudStation service allows remote access to a Synology File Server. Alternatively, the more clumsy or clunky approach is to use DSM AKA Synology Disk Station Manager.

What can you do with DS file extension?

Sharing file links, protecting them with a password and an expiration date, compressing and extracting files on your DiskStation, or even adding folders you access most often to your “Favourites” list, all this is possible with DS file.

How do I configure Synology QuickConnect to share files using DSM?

When configuring advanced QuickConnect settings, we recommend that you log in to DSM using the local IP address or domain name of your Synology NAS. You are ready to start sharing files using QuickConnect. Open File Station and right-click the file or folder that you want to share.

How can I open DS files on Android?

To find the properties of a folder or file, go to the folder or file in question, tap and select . The file format types that can be opened when using DS file are ultimately dependant on your Android device. However, in general, you should be able to open the below file formats with DS file:


How do I access my Synology shared folder remotely?

Using CyberduckDownload, install, and launch Cyberduck.Click Open Connection.Select WebDAV (HTTPS) from the drop-down menu.Enter the following information: Server: Enter the IP address or the hostname of your Synology NAS. ... Click Connect. Now you should see the shared folders on your Synology NAS appear in Cyberduck.

How do I access Synology externally?

DSM 7.0 and above: Go to Control Panel > External Access > QuickConnect. DSM 6.2 and below: Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect....Via a mobile device:Open a Synology mobile app, such as DS file.Enter your QuickConnect ID, plus your DSM account and password.Click Login.

Can a NAS be accessed remotely?

Part of the point of having a NAS device that's always on is that you can access it from wherever you have an internet connection.

Can you access Synology NAS from anywhere?

Synology has a very easy feature called 'QuickConnect'. It allows you to easily access your NAS from outside your network. You can access your photos and documents anytime, anywhere in the world. Once you've followed this step-by-step plan, all you need is a working internet connection.

How do I access Synology NAS remotely Ddns?

2:118:42How to Access a Synology NAS Remotely with DDNS (Tutorial)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo once you've created or logged into your synology. Account go to external. Access select ddns. AndMoreSo once you've created or logged into your synology. Account go to external. Access select ddns. And then select add at this point you can select the service provider as synology.

How do I map my Synology drive outside the local network?

How to Map Synology NAS Drive Outside the Local Network (Over Internet).Set up WebDav on Synology NAS device.Assign a Static IP Address on Synology NAS.Obtain a Free Domain Name using a DDNS Service.Setup Port Forwarding on your Router.Set up DDNS on Synology NAS Device.More items...

How can I access my server from anywhere?

Remote Desktop to Your Server From a Local Windows ComputerClick the Start button.Click Run...Type “mstsc” and press the Enter key.Next to Computer: type in the IP address of your server.Click Connect.If all goes well, you will see the Windows login prompt.

How do I access a network share remotely?

In the "Server Address" field, enter the IP address of the remote computer with the shares you want to access. If Windows is installed on the remote computer, add smb:// in front of the IP address. Click "Connect". Now a window displaying all of the shares on the remote computer opens.

How can I share files remotely?

Steps to transfer files remotelyClick the Tools tab.In the Windows Tools section, click Remote Control.Click Connect against the name of a computer to connect remotely to it.On the top of the remote-connection screen, click File Transfer.Select the required file from a folder from your computer.More items...

Why can't I access my Synology NAS remotely?

For Synology NAS. Check if QuickConnect is enabled. For DSM 6.2: Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect and ensure the Enable QuickConnect checkbox is ticked. Afterward, confirm the services you wish to access via QuickConnect are enabled at the Advanced tab.

How do I access my Synology drive via browser?

To access Drive directly through a new browser window without logging into DSM, go to Control Panel > Application Portal to configure connection settings and to enable a customized alias or port for Drive.

How do I access my Synology NAS from Windows?

OverviewOpen a Windows Explorer window and go to Computer.Click Map network drive. ... On the Map Network Drive window, choose a drive letter from the Drive drop-down menu.In the Folder field, enter the server name of your Synology NAS and shared folder name preceded and separated by backslashes.More items...

How do I log into my Synology NAS?

Manage your Synology NAS with DSM mobileOpen your mobile web browser.In the address bar, enter the IP address of your NAS.Enter your DSM account name and password and tap Sign In.

Why can't I access my Synology NAS remotely?

For Synology NAS. Check if QuickConnect is enabled. For DSM 6.2: Go to Control Panel > QuickConnect and ensure the Enable QuickConnect checkbox is ticked. Afterward, confirm the services you wish to access via QuickConnect are enabled at the Advanced tab.

How to share a DS file?

DS file allows you to share files and folders with other people or devices. To do so, simply tap and select Shared link. This generates a link which can be used to share the selected item. You can customize the validity period of the link or add a password. Links can be shared using any available social network apps, email, or text message.

What is DS file?

DS file allows you to archive and extract multiple files. This allows you to save storage space on the Synology NAS device by compressing files, or protect sensitive files with a password.

How to pin files on Synology NAS?

To pin files: Select the target file (s) and tap > Pin to pin it down. To view pinned files: Tap Offline Files > Pinned Files to find the pinned files.

How to download synology NAS files?

To download files from Synology NAS to your mobile device: Long press any item or tap > Select. Then select items and tap to download multiple files. Tap to download a single file. The download task will continue even if you swipe aside DS file in the multitasking view.

How to remove Synology credentials?

A set of credentials can be removed by tapping on the right of the chosen entry and then Delete.

How to search for a file in a folder?

To search for files or folders, tap and choose Search. Tap to further refine search criteria. There are options to search all folders or only specified ones, or search according to file type. Instead of searching for files or folders, you can also tap , choose Filter , and enter keywords.

How to check if a user has permissions to use File Station?

Log in to DSM as admin (or a user belonging to the administrators group), and go to Control Panel > Privileges > File Station > User to check whether the user account has permissions to use File Station.

What port does Synology use?

You will have to know the IP address of the Synology device. You can your network with a couple options in hopes of finding the Synology NAS. Advance IP Scanner. Once you know the IP, you will still need to know the port to access the Synology. Default port is 5000.

Can you bypass port forwarding on Synology router?

You can bypass port forwarding setup on your router if you proceed with Synology’s Quick Connect. Otherwise, consider what services you need open from the list above. We are steadily building a list of remotely accessible port forwarding setup instructions.

What is a DDNS?

DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) simplifies connection to your Synology NAS over the Internet by mapping a hostname, such as, to its IP address.

How to identify a specific service on NAS?

This way, you can directly access the service from an external source by using its specific IP address and port number.

What is external access?

External access is the ability to remotely access your Synology NAS from any device with an internet connection. DSM allows you to easily set up remote access to your Synology NAS, so you can sign in to DSM or other services by simply entering a custom domain name into your web browser. Moreover, if you need to access certain services directly, you can set up port forwarding rules and open specific ports on your NAS for each service.

What is EZ Internet?

EZ-Internet is a setup wizard that helps configure network settings and make your Synology NAS accessible over the Internet. For easy router setup with EZ-Internet, make sure that your router supports UPnP and appears on Synology's router support list. For other routers, manual port forwarding may be necessary.

Why does Synology NAS auto block?

The auto block feature helps improve the security of your Synology NAS by blocking the IP addresses of clients with too many failed login attempts. This helps reduce the risk of your accounts being broken into by brute-force attacks.

What is account protection in Synology?

Account Protection protects your Synology NAS accounts from untrusted clients that have too many failed login attempts. This helps to minimize the risk of brute-force attacks to your accounts.

What is a certificate on Synology?

A certificate can be used to secure SSL services on your Synology NAS, such as web (all HTTPS services), mail, or FTP. Having a certificate allows users to validate the identity of a server and the administrator before sending out any confidential information. Synology offers a free and secure SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

What to do if you don't see QuickConnect DSM?

If you do not see the QuickConnect DSM link, click Advanced and make sure DSM is enabled.

How to share files in QuickConnect?

You are ready to start sharing files using QuickConnect. Open File Station and right-click the file or folder that you want to share. Then click Share file links from the context menu.

Can you connect to Synology NAS over the internet?

Overview. With QuickConnect, you can easily connect to your Synology NAS over the Internet without the hassle of setting up port forwarding rules or other complicated network settings. QuickConnect allows you to connect via a simple customizable address like 1.

Can you share files on Synology NAS?

With QuickConnect enabled, you can easily share files stored on your Synology NAS to anyone without worrying about port forwarding .

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