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dell remote access configuration tool

by Nikita Bergnaum Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Introducing Dell Remote Access Configuration Tool

  • Discover or import RAC IP addresses on the network.
  • Update firmware for selected RAC IP addresses.
  • Configure standard or extended schema-based Active Directory (AD) settings for selected RAC IP addresses.
  • Create RAC objects on the AD server for extended schema-based AD.

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What is Dell Remote Access Configuration Tool?

Dell Remote Access Configuration Tool (DRACT) discovers and configures Remote Access Controllers (RACs) for systems on your network from a single console. You can use this tool to perform the following:

What is Dell's AD schema?

Dell has extended the AD schema to include an association, device, and privilege property. The association property is used to link together the users or groups with a specific set of privileges to one or more RAC devices.

What is a RAC log file?

A log file is created and is available to you after you close the application. The log file logs events, and contains details of firmware update and configuration for each RAC. The log file is updated each time you use DRACT.

Can you update RAC IP address?

After you have discovered and verified the RAC IP addresses on your network, you can perform a firmware update on the selected RACs using the firmware image file on your local directory or on the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server. For information to discover and verify RAC IP addresses, see

Can you disable AD schema?

You can disable the AD standard or extended schema configuration for a selection of the discovered and verified RACs on your network. To disable AD standard or extended schema for RACs:

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