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arecont av200 remote access

by Damien Johns Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How to set up administrator and user passwords in Arecont Vision av200?

Page 13 of 59 | Arecont Vision AV200 Manual Rev1.2 Following the welcome screen, the Accounts screen will ask to set up Administrator and User passwords. An Administrator password must be set and confirmed.  The wizard will not allow a blank password for Administrator and setup cannot proceed without setting one.

What is the default installation folder location for Arecont Vision?

Thedefault   folderfor  the  64bit  Windows®‐based  operating  system  is  C:\Program  Files(x86)\Arecont Vision\AV200. The default folder for the 32bit Windows operating system is C:\Program Files\Arecont Vision\AV200. Or browse to select a different installation folder location to install the application.

How do I perform an auto discovery for Arecont Vision cameras?

Launch the application with administrative privileges. The program will perform an auto discovery for Arecont Vision cameras regardless of what IP address has been assigned to the camera. Cameras highlighted in yellow were just recently discovered.

How do I launch the av200 application on the PC?

To launch the AV200 application and run the set up wizard for the first time, use the AV logo icon installed on the PC desktop. This wizard will walk through installing and configuring cameras on the AV200 system. This message may be encountered when the application is first launched.


What is AV Costar?

AV Costar brings the Total Video Solution ™ to a wide range of vertical market surveillance needs across the security industry. The Solution is complete system composed of the industry’s best single-, dual-, and multi-sensor megapixel cameras (MegaIP ® and ConteraIP ® ), cloud-enabled video management system (ConteraVMS ® ), recurring revenue generating web services (ConteraWS ® ), and cloud-managed video recorders (ConteraCMR ® ). Each product set can also be used individually, integrated with other leading security industry software and hardware through both ONVIF compliance and use of the Arecont Vision Applications Programming Interface (API).

When did Arecont Vision start?

Arecont Vision Costar, LLC launched in July, 2018, built upon the legacy of megapixel video leadership of the original Arecont Vision beginning in 2003 and now combined with the expertise and resources of Costar Technologies, Inc.


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How long does it take for a camera to change from PWD to Accessible?

The camera status should change from Pwd Protected to Accessible within 30 seconds.

How to reset a camera to DHCP?

Use CSV (not common) To reset a camera to DHCP: Click on a camera. Click Camera > Set IP Address > Input IP > Use DHCP. Click OK. Refresh the the software or wait for it to be re discovered at the new IP address. To edit the timeout interval for a specific camera: Click on a camera.

How to set static IP address on camera?

To set a static IP address on a camera: Click on a camera. Click Camera > Set IP Address and select one of the below. Input IP. Use IP Address - Specify the IP address you want the camera to use. Click OK. Refresh the software or wait for it to be rediscovered at the new IP address.

How to export camera parameters?

To export camera parameters to a *.CSV file: Select a camera or press Ctrl + A to select all cameras. Click Camera > Export. Specify a filename and location on your computer to save the file. To import camera parameters from a *.CSV file: Click Discovery on the upper left and wait for the cameras to populate.

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