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image Lab – Remote Access (Answers Solution)

  • Step 1: Open a terminal window in Ubuntu. Click on the terminal icon to open a terminal window.
  • Step 2: Telnet to localhost. You have successfully logged into your own machine using Telnet.
  • Step 3: SSH to localhost. Note: If this is the first time connecting with SSH, the security keys will need to be saved...

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Lab – Remote Access ( Answers Version)

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Required Resources

PC with Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop LTS installed in a VirtualBox or VMware virtual machine.

How to access command line in VM?

b. To access the command line, click the terminal icon located in the Dock, at the bottom of VM screen. The terminal emulator opens.

Which column displays the state of the connection?

The fifth column displays the state of the connection.

Can ssh be used as a remote shell application?

Note: It is strongly recommended that ssh be used as remote shell application instead of telnet.

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